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A summer getaway gives you insights. Stepping away from your daily routine refreshes you and provides a new perspective on your daily life. The same can be said for learning. It’s an opportunity to expand your horizons by developing new knowledge and skills and to see your work from a strategic vantage point. Consider taking a CEBS online class as you embark on your epic learning journey. A weekly schedule sets the pace so that your intention becomes action. Study tools created by your instructor help you explore new information as you prepare for your CEBS exam. Your CEBS designation will put you on the map as an expert in your field! Set out to reach new heights in your career.

An optional instructor-led online class is an ideal way to support your independent study efforts. Your CEBS instructor is a benefits industry insider who will be your guide through new content. With an internet connection, you can log in to your class any time you want during the 12-week session! A selection of tools and content will help you level up your knowledge. Network with other benefits industry professionals and master the content so that you feel confident on your CEBS exam day. With an online class, you get:


​Three Tips to Study Smarter With Mindful Studying

It’s well-known that the practice of mindfulness can enhance your well-being. Being present in the moment, focused and relaxed can also boost your CEBS study efforts.

1Set the stage for success. Choose a comfortable, quiet place to study. Put your smartphone on silent mode. Set a timer for 20 or 30 minutes.

2Breathe in. Take a few deep breaths and settle into your chair. Scan your body and note how you’re feeling today. Inhale and exhale for two or three minutes, focusing on your breath. Tell yourself that you’re calm, alert and ready to learn.

3Stay focused. It’s normal for your mind to wander when you’re learning. When a distracting thought crosses your mind, acknowledge it and let it go. Take a few deep, cleansing breaths and refocus on your studies. Be patient and kind with yourself.

​What's Your CEBS Story? The Spotlight Is on You!


​Christine Sebranek, CEBS

Director, Employee Benefits and Well-Being

Children’s Hospital and Health System

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
Christine on how expanding her professional network has supported her in obtaining her designation and attaining success:
“When I obtained my CEBS designation, I was a few years out of college and did not know many people in the benefits field. Having my CEBS and being involved in the Milwaukee Chapter through the monthly meetings and participating in the local chapter as a newsletter editor, secretary, vice president and then president allowed me to work with people in the field from many of the employers in Milwaukee.  It enabled me to expand my professional network and make many lifelong friends.”
Christine’s insight about how pursuing the CEBS designation demonstrated that she’s a lifelong learner and an expert in employee benefits:
“When I pursued the designation, ten tests were required, and two were very focused on areas of benefits I was not working in initially—pension and investments. Learning about all benefits formed a very strong foundation for my career. That foundation allowed flexibility for me to be employed as a broker, consultant and benefits director. It gave me the credibility to be seen as an expert in the field of benefits and showed my commitment to lifelong learning in that field. It gave me greater confidence, especially when I was new in my career, to operate in a benefits position in either welfare or retirement.
How Christine studied for her CEBS exam and applied what she learned to her work:
“At the encouragement of my employer, I took some of the exams right after I graduated from college. Gallagher was very supportive and paid for the designation as well as provided small bonuses for passing the exams. As you can imagine, all this encouragement made me want to achieve the CEBS designation, so I set a goal to get my designation done within three years.
My tip for success is to self-study, create a “study time line” and take notes using the outline in the Study Guide and the key terms/concepts.  The level of detail in the exams helped prepare me well for all the details of administering benefit plans. Also, as stated above, the retirement courses did not resonate with me when I took them, but they ultimately helped as I moved through different positions in my career. I feel that I stood out as a candidate for jobs because I had my designation.  I do feel I have gone much further in my career, have gotten promoted, and was able to move between consulting and working for an employer because of the CEBS designation.”

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​CEBS Student Survey

​Meet the Instructor


​Elizabeth Allen, J.D., CEBS

Vice President, Benefits Compliance and Counsel


RPA 1—Directing Retirement Plans Part 1

Elizabeth on the value of the CEBS program:

"The employee benefits field is an interesting one where our professionals all have completely different roles. There are lawyers (like me), HR staff, brokers, accountants, auditors and even regulators. Even ERISA attorneys can have vastly different practices—some focusing on the filing of government documents and corrections and others working more closely with plan sponsors to help them meet their everyday compliance obligations. For me, CEBS serves as a unifying force that provides a baseline of employee benefits education on the government, industry and plan sponsor aspects of benefits. When I see the CEBS designation behind someone's name, I feel confident that the individual has a well-rounded view of employee benefits and can leverage that perspective to serve their employer, the industry and plan participants.”

​Course Corner

All study materials are available through the International Foundation. Order forms are found in the CEBS Catalog, online at or by contacting CEBS at (800) 449-2327, option 3, or Please check your online Study Guide or the Readings Update page for any study materials updates.

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