Canadian Health and Wellness Innovations Conference

Sunday, February 23 - Wednesday, February 26, 2020
Hyatt Regency Savannah, Savannah, GA
Canadian Health and Wellness Innovations Conference
Conference begins in:

​Based on his 25 years of experience working with organizations as well as individuals, professional exercise physiologist and leading expert in physical health Darren Steeves will lead an interactive workshop on how to develop a physical health strategy that will become part of your culture and part of your life.

In the half-day workshop, we will establish:

  • The positive effect physical health  has on our overall health (mental  and physical)  
    • Interesting facts, research and  stories you have not heard 

  • Do wearables work? 

    • What wearables should I use? 

    • Should we buy them for our  employees? 

  • Breaking down barriers such as: 

    • We don’t have time. 

    • We don’t have a budget, or  I can’t afford it. 

    • I do not have the energy, or we  do not have the capacity to do this.

  • How to set the stage for making  physical activity part of the culture within different areas of an organization (office staff, unions, on-the-road employees) 
    • Examples of how to make physical health the norm within your organization 

    • Using a high-performance model to be successful 

  • Answers to participant questions, such as: 

    • How much is enough? 

    • What do I/we do if we get off track?