52nd Annual Canadian Employee Benefits Conference

Conference begins in:

FTMS®, ATMS™ and MTMS Program


Foundations of Trust Management Standards (FTMS®)

Trustees play an important role in addressing the health and retirement needs of plan members. New trustees, in particular, must quickly gain an understanding of the basic principles of trust fund management as well as an awareness of knowing where to go in order to make informed decisions. Now you have a solid starting point—the Foundations of Trust Management Standards (FTMS) program. The 2½-day, assessment-based certificate program is the first International Foundation program in Canada to offer trustees an opportunity to validate their learning.

Advanced Trust Management Standards (ATMS™)

Choose Session A or Session B

ATMS is an assessment-based program that expands upon the four key knowledge areas covered in the Foundations of Trust Management Standards (FTMS) program (legal, administration, governance, funding/investment/finance), adding breadth and depth across all four, and deepening the pension and health and welfare applications as well as developing related skills. 
These two independent, two-day sessions are offered concurrently in one location. The two-day session approach is sequential (Session A is a prerequisite for Session B). 

  • Session A covers legal, administration and related governance issues.
  • Session B covers funding/investment/finance and related governance issues.

SOLD OUT-Master Trust Management Standards (MTMS)

Choose Session A or Session B

 Due to high demand, MTMS Session A and Session B are currently filled.  Call (888) 334-3327, option 2, or email edreg@ifebp.org to be wait-listed.

The Master of Trust Management Standards (MTMS) is a new educational program for trustees and will build upon the key knowledge areas in FTMS and ATMS, a next step after both certificates are completed. It challenges trustees to take a leadership role in their fund and upgrade their skill set. Areas of development include strategic planning, board operations and critical thinking.

Certificate of Achievement—To earn the MTMS Certificate of Achievement, you must meet the following program element requirements for both Session A and Session B.

  • Prework including a passing score in an open-book, untimed, preprogram test (minimum 70% correct)
  • Full attendance at both Session A and Session B, which involves a total of four days of classroom instruction. The program is sequential—Session A is a prerequisite for Session B, which means attendance at two separate offerings/locations.
  • A "satisfactory" participation score in group activities from instructors
  • A passing score (minimum 70% correct) on the online posttests for Session A and Session B. The posttest for each session will be open-book, untimed and will include 30 multiple-choice questions on the prereadings/prework, on-site slides, exercies and materials and postreadings.


Before enrolling in MTMS, you must:

  • Complete the FTMS Certificate of Achievement or pass the ATMS Qualifying Test
  • Complete the ATMS Certificate of Achievement (earned by completing the classroom work and passing the accompanying tests for Sessions A and B.)



Preconference Enrichment Workshops

Enrich your conference experience by attending a preconference workshop. Participate in one or more sessions with content designed to foster both professional and personal growth and development.


Financial Planning

Health, Wealth and Happiness—Planning Your Path to a Successful Retirement (Part One)

Registration code: PC01

What could be more important than spending some quality time planning for your future and the future of your family? This informative and motivational two-part workshop will help you understand the importance of setting a vision for your retirement and planning ahead. What will retirement mean for you? How can you ensure a successful transition, where you enjoy the freedom, relationships and activities that you've always wanted? Our panel will offer you critical information and useful tips to help you better manage your health, investments and financial plan as well as your personal legacy, all with a view to your successful retirement transition. With timely and practical insights, you'll come away with an awareness that your health, wealth and happiness are very much in your control, and taking control over them is something to get excited about!

In our first day, we'll cover the importance of:

  • Knowing what matters most to you and setting a vision for your retirement
  • Taking care of your body, mind and relationships
  • Resources that contribute to well-being and wellness
  • Investing for retirement—the basics you need to know
  • Estate planning to create a meaningful legacy
  • Setting priorities for your own financial plan

Spouses/Guests may also attend the Introduction to Financial Planning Workshop at a reduced price!
Use registration code: PC11



Financial Planning

Health, Wealth and Happiness—Living Your Best Retirement (Part Two)

Registration code: PC02

Changes . . . choices . . . challenges—What's in your future? Satisfaction in retirement is linked to several factors, and in part two of this workshop series we'll expand on how enjoying good health, adequate income, and meaningful relationships and roles can help you realize the retirement of your dreams, regardless of what the future holds. How will you weather uncertain and turbulent financial markets? Will you have to care for an aging relative or deal with adult children returning home? How do you want to provide for and be remembered by those you love? All of these considerations require a commitment to your planning. Learn to navigate the issues that will impact your own retirement planning with confidence and conviction. This workshop series is timely in content, comprehensive in scope and—most importantly—practical!

The program will continue with coverage of:

  • The role of wellness in retirement transition and adjustment
  • What makes people truly happy
  • Identifying activities to give your life structure and purpose
  • Financial planning in changing times
  • The evolution of retirement income planning
  • War or peace: estate planning in practice
  • Ensuring a smooth final transition.

Workshop Leaders:


Beverly Evans, CFP, CIM, EPC, TEP


Wealth Management and Portfolio Manager

Richardson GMP Ltd.

Mississauga, Ontario


Hilary Laidlaw, LL.B., TEP Counsel Tax, Trusts and Estates Planning

McCarthy Tétrault LLP

Toronto, Ontario


Robert D. Reid M.B.A., Ph.D.

Deputy Chief Division of Prevention and Rehabilitation

University of Ottawa Heart Institute Professor

Faculty of Medicine University of Ottawa Ottawa, Ontario

Spouses/Guests may also attend the Introduction to Financial Planning Workshop at a reduced price!
Use registration code: PC12

Preconference Workshop Sunday

Mental Health in the Workplace – Essential Training

November 24 | 8:00 a.m.-12:00 noon

Registration code: PC04  

Content Included: This workshop discusses on how prevalent mental illnesses and stigma towards people with mental illnesses are in the workplace. In an effort to reduce stigma, this workshop educates participants on the signs and symptoms of depression, anxiety, and substance related disorders. We will then use classroom guided activities on how to more effectively respond to employees living with these mental illnesses in the workplace, as well as discuss differences in mental health treatments and how to help someone get access to treatment. 

Participant Outcomes:

  • Provides employers and supervisors with an understanding of the importance creating and maintaining a mentally healthy and safe work environment from both a cost and health perspective.
  • Decreases stigmatized attitudes and makes the point that mental illness is a condition that can be managed and treated.
  • Assists people to recognize the symptoms of depression and anxiety in employees and colleagues.
  • Increases knowledge about additional resources and mental illness treatments.

Workshop Leaders:

Christina Fuda Mental Health First Aid Coordinator Communications and Public Affairs  Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health SciencesWhitby, Ontario


Spouses/Guests may also attend the Introduction to Financial Planning Workshop at a reduced price!
Use registration code: PC14