Continuing Education for Lawyers - Alberta

The Law Society of Alberta’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program is a regulatory program of the Law Society. It is a mandatory requirement for all active lawyers in Alberta to annually make a CPD Plan declaration. The goal of CPD program is to enhance lawyer competence and to be accountable to the public for the ongoing professional development and competence of lawyers.

The aim is to ensure that each lawyer in Alberta strives for excellence in their practice through the mandatory annual planning and implementation of an effective CPD plan. To this end, the Rules and Code of Conduct require every active lawyer to:

  • Annually prepare and make a record of a CPD plan in writing or electronic form;
  • On or before March 15 of each year, make a declaration to the Law Society that their annual CPD plan has been made; and
  • retain the written or electronic record of the CPD plan for 5 years and produce the CPD plan to the Law Society upon request.

Although there is no mandatory minimum hourly requirement, the annual planning, declaration and implementation of a CPD plan is mandatory for all active lawyers practicing in Alberta.

Create and Declare a CPD Plan


Each active lawyer is accountable for developing, implementing and declaring their CPD plan. Rule 67.2 requires that each lawyer record and keep their CPD plans for 5 years and provide their plans to the Law Society upon request.

In the upcoming year, the Law Society will focus on developing a more robust regulatory framework to ensure that lawyers are held accountable for developing and implementing high quality CPD plans.

Continuing Professional Development Activities

Accreditation for Lawyers

It is not necessary to have your CPD activities accredited by the Law Society of Alberta. It is your obligation to ensure that the CPD activities you undertake and incorporate into your CPD Plan meet Rule 67.1.

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