Continuing Education for Lawyers - Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society

NSBS CPD Requirement

The NSBS CPD Requirement consists of two components – a mandatory component and a recommended component.

From June 1, 2012, each practising member of the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society will be required to complete 12 hours of continuing professional development annually, and to report that education on their Annual Lawyer Report.

During the first year of the new requirement, CPD may be taken in any area relevant to a lawyer’s practice, delivered through an eligible CPD activity. In the second and subsequent years, it must include a minimum of two hours in each of three areas:

  • Substantive Legal Education and Skills Development,
  • Risk and Practice Management, and
  • Professionalism.

The CPD Requirement Chart  provides more information on the types of courses and means of learning that are acceptable for obtaining your 12 hours of required CPD.

In addition, the Society’s CPD Handbook offers commonly asked questions and answers about the Requirement.

There is wide latitude in terms of how the 12 hours can be achieved, with emphasis on accessibility and affordability. The Society will not be accrediting programs. Instead, lawyers are free to choose education that is the most relevant to their practice of law. If you have questions about whether a particular offering is appropriate, email us at or leave a message on the Society’s CPD line at: (902) 422-1491 ext 371. Someone will respond to your query within five business days.

The Society continues to recommend that members engage in at least 50 hours of self-learning/self-study annually, in addition to the new requirement, and that they prepare a yearly professional development plan. See the CPD Requirement Chart for more information.