Group Benefits

The content for the four e-learning courses listed below is taken from the Canadian Group Life and Health Primer course.

  The Group Insurance Landscape
What is insurance and why it is needed? This course provides an overview of common insured and noninsured benefits provided under group benefits plans and the insurer’s role in the provision of group insurance.

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  Group Benefits Design and Administration
This course outlines the plan sponsor’s role in group benefits plan management and provides an overview of key requirements related to group benefits design, claims administration, premium administration, recordkeeping and communication.

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  Group Benefits Funding and Pricing
A comprehensive overview of the traditional funding methods used for most group benefit plans, a look at the factors that impact a plan sponsor’s decision about the funding method chosen and an examination of the basic methods of pricing group insurance.

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  Life Cycle of a Group Benefits Plan*
Life Cycle of a Group Benefits Plan outlines the insurer’s role and responsibilities at all stages of a group benefits plan life cycle—prospecting, quoting/proposing, selling, implementing, servicing, amending/renewing and terminating a group insurance plan. The application of principles of ethical decision making throughout the life cycle of a group benefits plan is examined from the perspectives of all parties involved—plan sponsor, insurer, plan advisors and plan members.

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We would like to acknowledge CLHIA and the member companies of CLHIA for sharing their vision and expertise in working with Dalhousie University and for their financial support to develop the courses.


*This course is available to all individuals. It is however designed to complete the curriculum for those who work for a member company of the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) and need to meet the Proficiency Standards.