ATMS® Quality Series:  Applied Fund Governance Program uses cases to accomplish the following: Reinforce and enhance the knowledge and skills you gained in the ATMS®program. Highlight the challenges in fund governance that need to be met. Examine, discuss and propose solutions to realistic problem situations you may encounter in your role as a trustee. Increase your skills in dealing successfully with unanticipated problems. Improve your critical thinking and self-assessment capabilities. Reinforce higher-level concepts and their application topractical situations. Set reference points for when you encounter similar problems. CASE STUDIES DEAL WITH Understanding plan objectives and translating them into plan design Plan funding—setting realistic foundations and expectations Importance of strategic planning Why policy setting and oversight matter Establishing and managing performance benchmarks Monitoring legislative and administrative compliance Necessity of communicating and monitoring fund advisory roles Consideration of pension fund investments with referenceto liabilities and fund oversight resources Practical approach for both small and large funds; for trustees representing pension funds For specific program content, call Sally Natchek, (262) 786-6710, ext. 8524; or e-mail