Advanced Asset Allocation Strategies (QS1393-02)

Take your analysis to the next level—discuss your fund’s investment goals with industry experts and peers. This ATMS CE Quality Series session will go beyond the usual risk/return discussion, incorporating ways to clearly define your fund’s investment objectives by considering current and future assets and liabilities. You will discuss practical ways to make investment decisions meaningful within your fund’s unique circumstances, while managing the associated risks. In addition, you will review scenarios in which traditional and non-traditional asset mixes should be considered.

Expansion of ATMS Key Knowledge Area—Funding/Investment/Finance
This ATMS CE Quality Series course expands upon ATMS learning objectives from the Funding/Investment/Finance key knowledge area of effective trust management. Specifically, the following learning objectives, as discussed in ATMS, will be expanded upon: key considerations and approaches used in setting asset mix policy, and how risk characteristics of various asset choices and the plan’s risk appetite influence portfolio selection.

ATMS CE Quality Series courses are for graduates (previous and current curriculum) of the ATMS program.


To be announced. Watch for updates.