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Advanced Trust Management Standards (ATMS™) Session A–Session Schedule, Speakers and Handouts

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Session handouts will be available to registered attendees Wednesday, August 8 through Thursday, October 11.

Show Date:  

Saturday, August 11

8:00 AM – 2:45 PM

ATMSA1  Legal

Hugh H. Wright Instructor
CEO and Managing Partner
McInnes Cooper
Halifax, NS

• Understand sources of law applicable to trusts—constitutional, legislative, common law. • Identify problems and issues when legal duties conflict. • Understand Pension Benefits Standards Act (PBSA) standards and their application to modern plan governance. • Recognize potential legal problems resulting from trustee decisions (cases). • Apply modern governance and best-practice principles to identify risks and propose actions to address. (#23—ATMS)

3:00 PM – 4:30 PM

ATMSA2  Administration

Len Tompkins, HIA (Hons.) Instructor
Benefit Plan Administrators (Atlantic) Limited
Halifax, NS

• Outline the benefits of sound risk management process. • Identify major risks trustees face in the current benefits environment, and provide examples of indicators. • Identify models, best practices, tools and sources of data that help mitigate risks and contribute to a formal risk management plan/process. • Apply risk management analysis to gain insight into plan risks and identify actions to mitigate them. • Explain the significance of competencies and personal bias to effective board process. (#23—ATMS)