Master of Trust Management Standards (MTMS) Program - Session A

Friday, November 16 - Saturday, November 17, 2018
The Mirage, Las Vegas, NV
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This program is currently filled.

The Master of Trust Management Standards (MTMS) is a new educational program for trustees that builds upon the key knowledge areas in FTMS and ATMS, a next step that challenges trustees to take a leadership role in their funds and update their skill sets.

Due to high demand, the MTMS program - Session A is currently filled. 
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Course Objective

The objective of MTMS is to prepare longer-term Trustees/Fiduciaries to contribute in a leadership capacity to effective board management and fulfill the board’s oversight role.  MTMS focuses on evaluation and creation in the fields of Leadership, Governance, Oversight, Strategy and Risk Management. This integrated learning experience is delivered by a team of industry experts and experienced trustees and directors who emphasize processes and activities that reinforce how these areas are linked together. This interactive program is supplemented by course materials that consist of pre-reading/pre-work, on-site presentation materials, supplementary readings and additional information for future reference.

Program Schedule -

MTMS is divided into two parts, Session A and Session B, and is sequential; successful completion of Session A is a prerequisite for Session B.  Each Session is two full days.  The program will not be offered as a standalone, four-day program.

Session A will be offered on November 16 – 17, 2018 in Las Vegas, in conjunction with the 2018 Canadian Annual Conference, and on an annual basis with future Canadian Annual Conferences.  The first offering of Session B will be held in conjunction with the 2019 Canadian Annual Conference on November 23 – 24, 2019 in San Francisco and annually with future Canadian Annual Conferences.


• Effective delegation models

• Addressing board dysfunction and biases

• Raising difficult issues and resolving conflict

• Tools for managing provider performance

• Meeting preparation, management and facilitation


"There is a tendency to think of leadership in terms of hierarchy, with the board chair playing the strongest leadership role. It is certainly true that an effective board chair contributes enormously to the board's productivity. However, every board member has a leadership role to play. Fundamentally, leadership entails speaking up when you have a concern and contributing what you can to make the organization successful."

Why You Should Attend

Longer-term Trustees/Fiduciaries play an important role mentoring new board members and in stewarding succession planning.  As they become leaders, they are charged with taking action to advance their plans or trusts, positioning them to successfully navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities.  

Using highly interactive exercises and solving complex problems, culminating in a Mock Board meeting-MTMS prepares you to leverage your own unique leadership strengths and board skills to optimize your contribution and to engage and develop others. All with the aim of strengthening your plan or trust for the long-term benefit of your members.   

The award of the MTMS credential is the culmination of your successful journey through the Trustee/Fiduciary education path! It recognizes the commitment involved in completing the suite of trustee education programs (FTMS, ATMS, MTMS). In total these programs represent over ten days of education, and multiple assessments including a capstone Mock Board meetingfortified by your years of experience as a Fiduciary/Trustee.  

Two and a half days* Four daysFour days

 *There is an option to test out of FTMS, which does not preclude someone from taking MTMS or earning the credential.

​Who Should Attend

MTMS is the next step for those who have earned the ATMS Certificate of Achievement. It is also recommended for advanced-level appointed and elected multi-employer, public sector and corporate plan trustees of any type of trust, as well as benefit office staff. (See prerequisites section for more information.) MTMS is applicable for Trustees/Fiduciaries of pension, benefit and health & welfare plans and trusts including ELHTs.

Credential Requirements

Earning your MTMS credential requires meeting the prerequisites (outlined below) and completion of four days of MTMS classroom instruction, including accompanying pre-work, case studies, group exercises, Mock Board meeting simulations and assessments. 

Earn Your Credential

Once you have met your MTMS requirements, you can proudly display your MTMS credential on signatures, business cards and much more.


Before enrolling in MTMS, you must:

  • Complete the FTMS Certificate of Achievement or Pass the ATMS Qualifying Test, and
  • Complete the ATMS Certificate Achievement


Speakers will be announced soon.

​Additional Information

Attendance required. To earn credit toward the ATMS certificate, you must be present for the entire program, including all case study group work. Please make your travel plans accordingly.


Before enrolling in ATMS, you must
  • Complete the FTMS Certificate of Achievement (earned by completing the classroom work
     and passing the test)              
  • Pass the ATMS Qualifying Test      

Course Structure

Four days of instruction with a case study on days 2 and 4.
Daily schedule: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.


  • Test includes a 60-question test.
  • The test is online and open-book. It will be available within a specified window of time after the course completion.
  • A score of 70% or better is required to complete the ATMS Certificate of Achievement.

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Continuing Education

Educational sessions at this program can qualify for CEBS continuing professional education (CPE) credit.
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Registration Information

Registration Information
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