Frequently Asked Questions About CAPPP®

Is there a formal application process for CAPPP®?

Formal application is not required. Complete the attendance and examination requirements, and you will be on your way to earning a Certificate of Achievement.

How do I earn a CAPPP®?

Earn a Certificate in Employee Pensions or a Certificate in Employee Health by attending four days of instruction. Each certificate is offered in two parts. You can take the two-day courses independently or consecutively. To earn a CAPPP® in either Employee Pensions or Employee Health, attendees are required to pass two take-home exams: one for Part I and one for Part II. The take-home exams are multiple choice that are based on the knowledge attendees have gained from the program. Attendees will be given their examinations at the conclusion of each part. Candidates will have 30 days to complete the exam and return it to the International Foundation for scoring (60 days if you take Parts I and II consecutively).

Can I register for a two-day course that is part of CAPPP® without seeking a Certificate of Achievement?

YES. You may take a course to expand your professional knowledge without working toward a Certificate of Achievement.

How does CAPPP® differ from the Essentials of Public Sector Benefits Administration program?

The CAPPP® program is designed for decision makers and strategic personnel. The Essentials of Public Sector Benefits Administration program is geared to supervisors and key staff supporting the benefits administration area.

How long does it take to complete a particular Certificate of Achievement track?

There is no time limit to complete the requirements for a particular Certificate of Achievement track. Certificates of Achievement can be completed at your convenience.