Earning Your Certificate

Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Attend Part I and Part II of the CAPPP® program in either Employee Pensions or Employee Health.
  2. Pass a take-home examination after each part.*
  3. Upon verification that you have successfully completed these two steps, you will receive your official certificate in the mail.

*Attendees will be given their examinations at the conclusion of each part of the course. Candidates will have 30 days from the end of one part to complete the exam (60 days if you complete both parts consecutively) and return it to the International Foundation for scoring.

Memo to Trustees

This is a no-nonsense, intensive educational program for trustees and other public sector policy makers who take their responsibilities seriously. The program includes two curricula that examine the full scope of subjects relating to the governance of public pension plans and public employee health plans.

Attending the CAPPP program will provide you with a broad, conceptual perspective, a strong understanding of key issues and a solid base of knowledge. The skills taught will help you become proficient in asking the right questions and making sound decisions.

Trustees at All Levels Are Encouraged to Attend

  • A way for new trustees to get a broad-based, conceptual orientation to plan governance
  • An opportunity for experienced trustees to refresh and expand their knowledge