Employee Pension Schedule

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Note: Part II courses can be taken before Part I courses.

Part I

Day One


  • Role and purpose of public pension plans
  • Governing documents
  • Duties and responsibilities of fiduciaries
  • Overview of strategic planning process
  • Ethical decision making
  • Establishing best practices

Legal Environment

  • Fiduciary liability
  • ERISA applicability
  • Litigation
  • Legal representation

Day Two

Legislative/Regulatory Developments

  • Impact of federal and state legislation
  • Overview of applicable state and local laws
  • Integrating legislation and regulations into the strategic planning process

Actuarial Principles

  • Role and function of actuaries
  • Funding policy/methods
  • Basic methods and assumptions
  • Asset valuation methods
  • Accounting for pension plan liabilities and expenses
  • Experience investigations
  • Actuarial reviews/audits

Part II

Day One

Plan Design

  • Identifying member groups, their expectations and employer needs
  • Trends in defined benefit and defined contribution plans
  • Structure of alternative plan designs
  • Funding options
  • Legislative landscape


  • Setting goals and objectives: developing an investment policy
  • Asset allocation strategies
  • Asset classes
  • Selecting and monitoring investment performance
  • Components of an investment report

Day Two

Administrative Strategies

  • Identifying and satisfying customer expectations
  • Staff competencies and training
  • Reporting procedures and data dissemination
  • Integrating advanced technology
  • Fiduciary and financial audits
  • Developing a communication and education strategy

Emerging Issues

  • Overview of workforce demographics
  • Strategic choices and methodologies
  • Hot topics