Instructor Biography

 Margaret C. Lemkin, Ph.D.


Med-Care Management, Inc.
West Palm Beach, Florida

Dr. Lemkin is president and co-founder of Med-Care Management, Inc., a company specifically founded to provide utilization management services to jointly trusteed health and welfare funds. She has developed a data management system to analyze utilization, monitor quality issues and identify trends, enabling the firm to provide customized reports to its clients and stay abreast of the constant changes in health care. She has also created disease management programs that provide extensive data in areas such as diabetes and heart disease and has lectured on a variety of issues related to health care management.

Dr. Lemkin graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Wellesley College and received her Ph.D. degree from Yale University.
She is chair of the Multiemployer Value Based Health Plan (Ad Hoc) Committee and advisory director on the International Foundation's Board of Directors.

Dr. Lemkin team teaches Health Care Cost Management in the Certificate Series with Lewis Devendorf.

Participant comments from Dr. Lemkin's instructor evaluations:

Margaret added a lot of value to the class. Industry experience obvious and useful.

Energetic, articulate, and practical.

Margaret was interesting, well-spoken, and enjoyable.