CS - Organizational Strategies for Health and Financial Wellness Session Schedule and Handouts

Session handouts were available to registered attendees from Wednesday, February 20 through Wednesday, May 1. Please contact edprog@ifebp.org if you have questions or need assistance.

Show Date:  

Monday, February 25

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

OS1  Organizational Strategies for Health and Financial Wellness - Day 1

Crystal V. Hover, CEBS Instructor
CEO and Chief Strategist
Kitchen Table Consulting
Los Angeles, CA

• Health literacy and wellness programs • Financial literacy and wellness programs • Individual and population retirement income management • Making the business case for implementation of programs —Return on investment —Impact on organizational workforce and succession planning • Identifying what can and cannot be measured • Tailoring solutions to your population’s demographics • Communication with plan members at different life phases (#32—Health & Wellness)