Continuing Education for Enrolled Actuaries

The International Foundation is recognized as an approved sponsor of continuing education programs for enrolled actuaries under Section 20 CFR Part 901(g)(2)(iii) of the final Rules and Regulations governing those enrolled to perform actuarial services under ERISA.

It is the actuary's responsibility to identify core and noncore hours of credit. Core subjects deal with matters directly related to the performance of pension actuarial services under ERISA or the Internal Revenue Code, including

  • Characteristics of actuarial cost methods under ERISA
  • Actuarial assumptions
  • Minimum funding standards
  • Title IV of ERISA
  • Requirements with respect to the valuation of plan assets
  • Requirements for qualification of pension plans
  • Maximum deductible contributions
  • Tax treatments of distributions from qualified pension plans
  • Excise taxes related to the funding of qualified pension plans
  • Standards of performance for actuarial services.

Noncore subjects are intended to enhance the knowledge of an enrolled actuary in matters related to the performance of pension actuarial services, including

  • Economics
  • Computer programs
  • Pension accounting
  • Investment and finance
  • Risk theory
  • Communication skills
  • Business and general tax law.

The final decision as to applicable credit rests with the Joint Board for the Enrollment of Actuaries.