Financial Tools for the Trades: A Survival Guide for Apprentices

Apprentices have a lot to learn. Not only are they acquiring new job skills, but it may be the first time they’ve been offered benefits or earned a substantial paycheck.

This new, easy-to-navigate online course will help apprentices build a solid financial foundation. It highlights the issues they should consider as they are getting started in their jobs and provides helpful tips for the future.

The course builds on the proven curriculum developed by Port Jobs and offers an engaging format complete with self-check quizzes and practical worksheets.

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The course is accessible from tablets, smartphones and computers.

Students will learn how to:

  • Estimate earnings
  • Start an emergency fund
  • Save for retirement
  • Plug spending leaks
  • Create a spending plan
  • Fund big purchases
  • ​Compare credit card offers
  • Understand credit scores
  • Protect against identity theft
  • Determine how much debt is too much
  • Create a debt repayment plan.

Lesson 1

Be Prepared for Your Apprenticeship

Learn how to prepare for a career in the trades. This lesson demonstrates how to set financial goals, estimate yearly earnings, prepare for financial fluctuations and start saving for retirement.

Lesson 2

The Power of Spending Plans

Setting up a spending plan is one of the best ways to reach personal finance goals. Discover ways to track spending and take steps to increase income or cut expenses.

Lesson 3

Make Credit Work for You

Having a good credit history is an important step toward financial success. Learn how to compare credit card offers, get a free credit report, understand credit scores and avoid identity theft.

Lesson 4

Take Control of Your Debt

Debt is a part of life, but how much is too much? This lesson introduces the concept of debt, shows how to create a debt repayment plan and identifies bankruptcy options if they are ever needed.

Help Your New Apprentices Start Their Careers With a Solid Financial Foundation

This online course is designed specifically for apprentices who need education on the basics of managing personal finances. The course is narrated to help apprentices stay engaged and incorporates real-life scenarios to help illustrate each concept. The course also includes nine worksheets that allow each apprentice to look at his or her unique situation and set financial goals.

Courses start at just $25—Save up to 45% by enrolling multiple students!

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You won’t find a more convenient or comprehensive way to educate your apprentices on the importance of their finances. Whether you include the course in your apprenticeship curriculum or offer it as supplemental training, Financial Tools for the Trades: A Survival Guide for Apprentices is an ideal way to help your apprentices start their new careers on the right foot.

After completing the course and successfully passing an exam, apprentices will receive a Certificate of Achievement to document their success. As the training administrator, you will have access to course progress and completion reports.

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36-65 $21 $32 15%
66-100 $19 $28 25%
101-200 $16 $24 35%
200+ $14 $21 45%

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​Additional Resources


Financial Tools for the Trades: A Survival Guide for Apprentices

This user-friendly book mirrors the content available in the e-learning course and meets the needs of apprentices who would prefer a paper learning-guide. It also gives flexibility to training by allowing training administers to choose the format that best fits into their curriculum.

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Financial Tools for the Trades: Trainer Toolkit

Everything an instructor needs to teach Financial Tools for the Trades to apprentices, including:

  • Personal finance lessons with an instructor’s script, learning activities and answers to apprentices’ frequently asked questions
  • Ready-made PowerPoint presentations that will guide an instructor through each lesson
  • Suggestions of how to find a local bank to partner with the program
  • Practical tips for teaching apprentices about money management
  • Two copies of the book Financial Tools for the Trades: A Survival Guide for Apprentices.

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