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Important Continuing Education Information (Please Read Before Ordering)

Monitor Requirements

Examinations must be monitored by a state-approved third party. Click here for a list of South Carolina approved proctors:

If you choose to use a monitor who does not appear on the above list of South Carolina approved proctors, you may seek approval of a proctor from the South Carolina Insurance Department; however the fee is $100.00 per application and must be completed 30 days prior to the examination being taken. Click on the link below to open and print the South Carolina Application for CE Proctor Approval form:

South Carolina requires all monitors to complete a state-specific Affidavit of Exam Monitor Form (SCID Form 3616). Click on the link below to open and print the South Carolina Affidavit of Exam Monitor form.

E-Learning Continuing Education Monitor Form [PDF]

Reporting Continuing Education

The course completion date for purposes of continuing education reporting is the date the International Foundation receives your completed monitor form.

Your completed and signed monitor form must be faxed within five business days of passing your examination. Fax to: (262) 786-8650.

If you fail to fax the signed monitor form within five business days you will be required to pay a $25 administrative charge and retake the final exam.

Additional Continuing Education Information

Continuing Education Reminder Notice – as required by the South Carolina Department of Insurance:  The biennial compliance deadline for complying with continuing education in South Carolina is May 1, 2008. Anyone not completing 24 hours with a minimum of 3 hours of ethics, or paying the biennial recordkeeping fee to Thomson Prometric, Continuing Education Administrator, by May 1, 2008 will have his or her license nonrenewed. Do not mail the CE recordkeeping fee to the Department of Insurance.

License insurance agents who have completed the 40-hour prelicensing education course work are required to pay the continuing education recordkeeping fee to Thomson Prometric, CE Administrator by May 1, 2008, or they will have their license nonrenewed.

Multi-lined (property and casualty and life, accident and health) agents must complete twenty-four hours of CE credits. A minimum of eight (8) CE hours must be completed in each line of authority and a minimum of three (3) credit hours of ethics. Failure to comply will result in the license being nonrenewed.

All licensed individuals with residence of mailing address changes must provide written notice to the Department of Insurance within thirty days of such change. South Carolina Code Section 38-2-10 provides that administrative fines may be applied up to Two Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($2,500.00) for failure to comply.

Licensed insurance agents can check their continuing education status by calling Thomson Prometric at 1-800-490-6551 or by checking their Web site at

Detailed continuing education information is available directly from your state insurance Web site:

The International Foundation provides this information as a courtesy to individuals who are subject to continuing education (CE) as insurance producers and/or brokers. Although reasonable efforts have been made to ensure that the information provided here is accurate and current, neither the International Foundation nor its employees warrant or represent that this information is accurate and current. All information is subject to change without notice.

E-Learning courses in South Carolina have not been approved, if you see a course you would like to take please contact the Foundation's Continuing Education Department at

South Carolina
Course Hours Approved Credit Type Expires
401(k) Plans 5 Life, Accident and Health 5/15/2021
Defined Benefit Plans 2 Life, Accident and Health 4/4/2021
Defined Contribution Plans 1 Life, Accident and Health 4/4/2021
Overview of ACA 1 Life, Accident and Health 5/21/2021
Overview of Exchanges 1 Life, Accident and Health 5/21/2021
Overview of Retirement Plans 3 Life, Accident and Health 4/4/2021