Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference

Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) this program is being canceled. If you have immediate concerns, please reach out to us directly at (888)334-3327, option 2 or email at

We look forward to seeing you at next year's Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference,
March 31-April 2, 2021 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

art and science of health promotion conference

The International Foundation is excited to be a partner in the upcoming 30th Annual Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference.

For 30 years, the Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference has been presenting the very best in health promotion. Attendees will hear from the top scientists and practitioners in the field and return home equipped with practical strategies and research backup to make your programs and your work more effective. Gain a renewed sense of commitment and passion knowing that others like you are working to make a difference.

Conference Theme

Integrating Health Promotion into the Organization’s and Community’s Core Values

A common element of virtually every successful health promotion program in workplace, clinical and community settings is the successful leveraging of existing core values to magnify the importance of health in achieving the goals of those organizations and communities OR reframing statements of those core values to insert the importance of good health. In fact, this may be THE most important strategy to engage and retain leadership support and facilitate the organization restructuring, policy focus, and resource allocation necessary to improve employee health, control medical costs and enhance productivity. Conference sessions will explore how to weave this strategy into the multiple other priorities of effective program planning and delivery.

Keynote Speakers

Kathleen Crosby

Director, Office of Health
Communication and Education,
FDA Center for Tobacco


Founding Director, Yale-Griffin
Prevention Research Center,
Yale University; Founder and
President, True Health Initiative

Michael Roizen, MDFirst Chief Wellness Officer,
Cleveland Clinic; Author

Key Conference Sessions

  • Culture of Health: What is It? Why is It Important? How Do We Get It?
    Judd Allen, PhD, President
    Human Resources Institute, LLC
    Richard Safeer, MD, FACLM, FAAFP, FACPM
    Chief Medical Director, Employee Health and Well-being, Johns Hopkins Medicine; Assistant Professor of General Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, School of Medicine Assistant Professor of Health, Behavior and Society, Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University
  • Mind Over Matter: The Hidden Influence of Psychology on Well-Being and Performance
    David Ballard, PsyD, MBA
    Senior Director, Office of Applied Psychology, American Psychological Association
  • Do Workplace Health Promotion (Wellness) Programs Work? What Does the Latest Research Tell Us?
    Ron Z. Goetzel, PhD, MA
    Senior Scientist and Director, Institute for Health and Productivity Studies (IHPS), Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health; Vice President, Consulting and Applied Research, IBM Watson Health
  • The Business Value of Integrating Employee Health and Wellbeing into the Fabric of an Organization
    Jessica Grossmeier, PhD, MPH
    Vice President, Research, Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO); Co-Editor, The Art of Health Promotion
  • The Collective Impact of Employer & Community Core Values to Drive Change
    Marissa Kalkman, MS, MCHES, ACSM EP-C
    Executive Director, Wellness Council of Wisconsin
    Katie Reiels, MS
    Project Strategist, Wellness Council of Wisconsin
  • How to Minimize Employee Privacy Concerns While Inspiring Health Improvement
    Jim Pshock
    Founder & CEO, Bravo Wellness
  • Leveling Up: Unpacking the Four Levels of Influences That Shape Our Behaviors
    Laura Putnam, MA
    CEO and Founder, Motion Infusion, Inc.
  • Screen Addictions, Digital Toxicity and the Importance of Mindfulness in the 21st Century Information Age
    Brian Luke Seaward, PhD
    Executive Director, The Paramount Wellness Institute
  • Wage Matters: Health Promotion Engagement and Outcomes Across the Earnings Continuum
    Bruce Sherman, MD, FCCP, FACOEM
    Chief Medical Officer, National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions; Owner, Sherman Consulting
  • Promoting Physical Activity in the Workplace: Implementing the U.S. National Physical Activity Plan
    Laurie P. Whitsel, PhD, FAHA
    Vice President, Policy Research and Translation, American Heart Association
  • Crossing the Aisle and State Lines: Lawmakers Unite in Well-being: Panel Discussion
    Moderator: Jennifer Wright
    Director, Working Well, South Carolina Hospital Association
    Neal Collins, JD
    Representative, South Carolina House of Representatives
    Jason Dunnington, PhD
    Representative, South Carolina House of Representatives
    Mary Franson
    Representative, South Carolina House of Representatives
    Laurie Slade Funderburk
    Representative, South Carolina House of Representatives

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Benefits of Attending

  • Learn concepts that challenge you to rethink current approaches of health promotion with a balance of science and practical application
  • Discover the latest, best evidence regarding current science and gain unique insights on how to implement what we know into maximal, real-world effect
  • Explore the latest research and case studies and develop practical tools to implement as soon as you return home
  • Meet colleagues who share your passion for making a difference and network with top leaders in the field

Who Should Attend

Mid-to senior-level professionals from private and public sector employers, hospital and health systems, and universities including:

  • Benefits Managers 
  • Health Promotion and Wellness Program Managers 
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Health Insurance Underwriters and Brokers
  • Health Plan Leaders
  • Health Policy Analysts 
  • Psychologists 
  • Health Educators
  • Medical Directors, Physicians and Nurses
  • Hospital and Clinic Managers
  • Scientists and Educators 
  • Exercise Specialists 
  • Dietitians and Nutritionists


Speakers will be announced soon.

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Continuing Education

Educational sessions at this program can qualify for CEBS Compliance credit. Visit for additional information.

The Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference typically offers, and is applying for, continuing education credits for the following professions: exercise science, nutrition, health education, medicine, nursing, and health and wellness coaching.

Registration Information

RegisterThe Core Conference price is $795.

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