Koskie Minsky LLP

A partner who is an authority on pension and employee benefits law, Mr. Gold provides counsel to jointly trusteed pension and health and welfare fund trusts on governance, fiduciary, investment, insurance, tax and regulatory compliance issues. He is currently establishing the first "Employee Life and Health Trust" in Canada, for over 40,000 members. He has litigated leading pension cases including major pension insolvencies at Air Canada and Stelco and provides ongoing advice in respect to a number of major pension plans in the public and broader public sectors. Mr. Gold was an expert advisor to the Ontario Expert Commission on Pensions which issued its report “A Fine Balance: Safe Pensions, Affordable Plans, Fair Rules” in November 2008. He also contributes a regular legal column for Benefits Canada. Mr. Gold has chaired the Pension and Benefits Section of the Canadian Bar Association—Ontario and, in 1995 and 1996, he chaired the Canadian and Pensions Benefits Institute—Ontario Region. Mr. Gold has also lectured at the Pension Investment Management School and at the University of Toronto—School of Continuing Education for the certified employee benefit specialist (CEBS) program. He speaks at numerous industry conferences.

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