Senior Health Management Consultant and Change Practitioner
Hewitt Associates
Chicago, IL

Ms. Neary is a principal in Hewitt Associates’ Health Management Practice. She is also a member of the Hewitt Leadership Group and the Women in Leadership Group. Prior to joining Hewitt in December, 2008, she worked for a health and welfare benefits technology firm specializing in designing unique solutions to assist global HR in reducing costs and streamlining operations. In addition, Ms. Neary spent several years as a health and welfare consultant for employers with a leading health care consultancy. She is a strategic health care consultant who assists employers in developing initiatives to more efficiently and effectively design their health benefit programs and manage health care costs. Her focus has been on helping companies remove inefficiencies from the benefits supply chain in order to focus on strategic HR measures and the employee experience. Additionally, she supports multi-national health care strategy development in all areas of group welfare benefit programs, including: program design, managed care evaluation, vendor performance, rate negotiations, communication development, mergers and acquisitions, measurement and analysis. Ms. Neary holds a BS in biology from Indiana University and is currently finalizing her Master of Science in Learning and Organizational Change at Northwestern University.

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