Linda Vincent, R.N., PI

Vincent & Associates
Affiliated Health Funds
San Pedro, California

Ms. Vincent is a registered nurse and private investigator. She is an identitytheft and health care fraud prevention expert, specializing in medicalconsulting and investigations. As the founder of The Identity Advocate,the educational component of Vincent & Associates, Ms. Vincent is committedto providing unparalleled education, consulting, resources andinvestigations to help protect professionals, corporations and consumersfrom the perils of identity theft and health care fraud. With over 35 yearsof experience in health care, her experience includes hospital and physicianaudits, managed care consulting and health care fraud education,training, investigations, negotiations and case review. Ms. Vincent is amember of the Southern California Fraud Investigator's Association, theformer president and current member of the board of directors of theWestern Claims Conference, a director and treasurer with the NationalLabor Alliance of Health Care Coalitions, a member of the advisory boardof the International Foundation and member of the International FoundationMultiemployer Value Based Health Plan (Ad Hoc) Committee.

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