Evidence-Based Prevention of Prescription Drug Misuse: Why Well-Being Outshines Supply and Demand

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RECORDED – March 8, 2018
3:00-4:30 p.m. ET

Join this webcast to review workplace efforts for preventing prescription drug (Rx) misuse from both the supply and demand sides.

There is a strong tendency to overemphasize (and spend money on) the supply side through analytics of utilization, PBMs, policies, drug testing, PDMPs, etc. In contrast, raising employee awareness is often treated as a given or incidental part of a strategy. In fact, there are systematic and evidence-based tools that can not only increase employee awareness but also influence wellness, and the culture of health at the same time. Instead of thinking of a drug-free workplace or employee assistance program as a “check the box” strategy, it’s time to think more mindfully of ways to re-imagine these tools and change the culture of addiction that impacts employee well-being. This highly interactive webinar will provide participants with experiential tools and tips to help spark a broader and more mindful approach to prevention.


Dr. Joel Bennett [view bio]
Organizational Wellness and Learning Systems (OWLS)
Fort Worth, Texas


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