Evaluating Value-Based Reimbursement Arrangements

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Recorded Event – November 7, 2019
3:00-4:30 p.m. ET

Webcast held in partnership with the New England Employee Benefits Council (NEEBC)

Momentum appears to be building in the movement toward value-based care. Nearly half of the large companies in the United States are considering contracting with accountable care organizations (ACOs) by 2020, and federal and state governments are making efforts to shift Medicare and Medicaid to value-based reimbursement models.

Value-based reimbursement is transforming health care delivery, and the process could help reduce health care costs and improve quality. However, implementing and sustaining a successful value-based arrangement is a complicated endeavor—A broad and deep understanding of the capabilities is needed for the arrangement to succeed. It is critical to identify gaps in core capability areas such as 

    •             Organizational readiness
    •             Governance, network, clinical and financial performance
    •             Quality, data-driven population health 
    •             Model of care design and delivery
    •             Financial infrastructure and incentives
    •             Technology, data and analytics
    •             Consumer experience and patient satisfaction.

Selecting the right partner is also critical for the long-term success of a value-based relationship.    

This webcast will describe current trends in value-based care and approaches to value-based reimbursement and will offer a framework for employers interested in implementing a value-based reimbursement model.


Sarah Matousek [view bio]     
Day Health Strategies      
Somerville, Massachusetts

Ross Weiler [view bio]
Day Health Strategies
Somerville, Massachusetts

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