​​​​Employers in the U.S. and Canada are committed to helping their employees achieve retirement security.​

Find out how:

  • A private university enhanced and simplified the retirement planning process by reducing the number of recordkeepers and investment choices it had.
    (Howard University)
  • A mortgage lender started a financial wellness initiative themed "Taking Care of Your Future Self" to encourage employees to make changes to their finances that would allow them to contribute more to their 401(k) accounts and started a program called "Map Your Path," as a goal setting exercise to help employees decide what to work on.
    (Veterans United Home Loans)
  • A state retirement system got a 3,000 employees to spend part of their workday at an expo to learn about their retirement benefits and actually start planning for retirement. (Oregon Public Employees Retirement System (PERS))
  • A NASCAR team operator used an education campaign based on age bands, added new fund options and increased autoescalation contributions. (Hendrick Motorsports)
  • Since a private real estate company launched a financial wellness program in 2017, employees have made strides in debt reduction and increased savings, including higher 401(k) plan contributions. (Bell Partners, Inc.)
  • A health care system used a custom communications campaign to boost participation in its retirement plans and increase the amount of money employees were saving. (Hennepin Healthcare and the Public Employees Retirement Association of Minnesota)
  • A home mortgage lender helped employees eliminate $2.8 million in consumer debt with a financial education program.(Movement Mortgage)
  • A state retirement system implemented a targeted communications campaign​, tying different times of the year to specific actions participants can take to boost retirement readiness. (Municipal Employees' Reirement System (MERS) of Michigan)
  • A state public employee system successfully uses storytelling to educate both employees and schoolchildren about saving. (Wyoming Retirement System)
  • A construction-industry union and pension fund teamed up to create a financial education workshop for participants. (Alberta Operating Engineers Local 955)​
  • A large public Section 457 deferred compensation plan used reenrollment​ to combat detrimental investment inertia. (State of Illinois Deferred Compensation Plan)
  • A public sector agency helps its participants make the most of their defined benefit and defined contribution pensions to plan ahead for a financially secure retirement by offering a in-depth workbook and a seminar series​ featuring topics like saving, budgeting and investments. (Canadian Blood Services)​​
  • A bank created their Financial Fitness Program for Teammates featuring online education, assigned tasks like setting a budget and volunteering, and wealth assistance to help employees build an emergency savings account. (SunTrust Banks Inc.) (also watch SunTrust's story​)
  • A teachers' association expanded offering their one-day financial seminars​ to early and midcareer members, not just to those near retirement. Members are asking smarter questions about their benefits and more are enrolling in voluntary benefit offerings. The association is also seeing members return for another seminar a few years later as their individual life stages change. (Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers' Association) 


Do you have a financial education program or retirement security success story to share? Contact us at editor@ifebp.org or (262) 373-7633.​


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