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Author: Lisa Guerin, J.D. and Amy DelPo, J.D. Published: 6/1/2019 Copyright: 2019 Publisher: NOLO Pages: 433 Item #: 9158

Anyone who hires and supervises employees needs clear policies when it comes to issues like pay and overtime, medical leave and social media. This book provides everything business owners, managers and human resources professionals need to create or update an employee handbook. It includes the latest legal information, practical suggestions and best practices on wages, hours and tip pools; at-will employment; time off; discrimination and harassment, complaints and investigations, health and safety; drugs and alcohol; workplace privacy; and email and social media. This edition covers recent updates to state and federal laws, including rules on paid family leave, changes in the wake of #MeToo and more. All policies and forms are downloadable from a unique webpage.

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Keywords: Adminisntration|communication|employee handbooks|compensation|compliance|ADA (Age Discrimination in Employement, 1967)|COBRA|ERISA|Equal Pay Act of 1963|Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938|PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010)|Uniformed Services Employment (USERRA)|Employees|Disabled|Exempt|Immigrants|Nonexempt|Part-time|Temporary|Transgender|Human Resources|Absenteeism|Conflict management|Conflicts of interest|Cultural sensitivity|discrimination|Diversity|Dress codes|drug tests|employee/Labor realtions|Emplyee Records|General|Harassment|Hiring|LAyoffs|Performance Evaluations|Presenteeism|Privacy|Retention|Telecommuting|Terminations|Work hours/scheduling|Worker safety|Other|Domestic Partner Benefits|Employee Assistance Programs|Paid/Unpaid Leave|Same-sex partner benefits|United States


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