9103 - Financial Tools for the Trades: A Survival Guide for Apprentices

Consider the Reality

  Build Your Financial Foundation

  Financial Goals

Be Prepared

  Build an Emergency Fund

  Other Tips for Being Prepared

Tools for Smart Money Management

  Spending Leaks

  The Power of Spending Plans

  Create Your Spending Plan

  Tips for Managing Your Money When Income Changes

Credit Reports and Scores

  Quick Credit Quiz

  About Credit Reports and Scores

  Get a Free Copy of Your Credit Report

  Identify Theft: Protect Yourself

  How Much Does Credit Really cost?

  Dealing with Debt

  Debt Repayment Plan Step

  Need More Help?

Saving and Investing

  What is the Difference?

  Savings: The First Step in Financial Planning

  Investing for the Long-Term

Next Steps

  Putting It All Together

  Take Charge Check-List

Quick Credit Quiz Answers


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