​Transportation Benefits and Incentives

2017 Survey Results​​​​


Employers reported the most common ways their employees travel to the workplace in Transportation Benefits and Incentives: 2017 Survey Results. Although driving their own vehicle is the most popular transportation mode among U.S. workers, one-third of employers offer incentives to employees who bike, walk, use mass transportation or carpool to work.

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Flexible Work Arrangements​​​

Modes of transportation most commonly utilized by workers include:​​​*


Own vehicle


Rapid transit


City bus​​



*When asked to chose the top three from a list of options. ​​​​

parkingmeter.png  ​


53% make parking available to all workers.

83% offer some type of on-site parking.


In addition, more than one in five offer off-site parking either within walking distance or with transportation provided to and from the workplace.​​​​​​​



The most commonly offered benefits/incentives relating to walking or biking to work include:


On-site bicycle storage

39% ​​​​

On-site locker rooms and showers

19% ​​​​

Bike-to-work subsidies,
allowances or reimbursements

19% ​​​​

Bike-to-work subsidies,
allowances or reimbursements​​​​​