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(Updated April 2022)

The strategic use of employee benefit programs is key to premiere talent acquisition and effective execution on business objectives. In a world disrupted by global pandemic, employers and workers have renewed appreciation for employee benefit programs in reducing risk and bolstering security. GBA/RPA 3 maps the dynamic environment in which employee benefit plans operate. The course surveys the regulatory environment established by ERISA, tax incentives, compliance requirements and the exciting use of new technologies for reporting and disclosure. GBA/RPA 3 reviews today's most pressing problems such as cybersecurity and privacy intrusions, assuring high-quality plan audits, and the use of advanced analytics to monitor results and the performance of the myriad service providers whose expertise is needed to effectively direct modern benefits programs. The course also examines integration of private benefit plans with social insurance programs and how these plans can be deployed on a worldwide basis for today's global workforce. 

Topics Covered:

  • ERISA Regulatory Framework
  • Federal Taxation of Employee Benefits
  • Plan Documentation Requirements
  • Cybersecurity and Privacy Concerns
  • Overseeing and Managing Plan Audits
  • Issues in Vendor Management-Retirement
  • Analytics in Vendor Management-Health
  • Retirement Plan Financial Product Innovation
  • ERISA in Practice-- Key Issues
  • Social Insurance
  • Health Care Coverage in Retirement
  • Global Employee Benefits

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Strategic Benefits Management, 2nd Edition,
Mahoney and Maniaci, editors, XanEdu, Inc., 2022


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