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Please note: RPA 2 is being extensively revised. It is anticipated that new course materials will be available in the third quarter 2024 and will be tested on starting  October 15, 2024. The following course information applies until the September 15, 2024 testing window deadline.


The course provides strategic insights into today‚Äôs most pressing challenges that accompany the sponsoring of defined contribution plans in a volatile, global world. From the outset, the course seeks to impart the fundamentals of investment management that should be mastered in order to effectively design, administer and monitor an array of investment choices within a retirement plan. Benefits professionals will find the information on investment principles compelling both from an institutional perspective in their role overseeing plans and on a personal level as empowering, assuming their plan allows participant investment direction. In addition to its coverage of investment topics, the course also reviews research findings from behavioral finance and how these findings can be relevant in plan design and administration. Plan governance and how wealth can be enhanced through prudent retirement plan distribution planning are also covered by the course.

Topics Covered:

  • Retirement Plan Investing
  • Balancing Risk and Return
  • Portfolio Management Issues
  • Investment Managers and Plan Intermediaries
  • Active and Passive Investment Strategies
  • Insights From Behavioral Finance
  • Target-Date and Life Cycle Funds
  • Hybrid Retirement Plan Approaches
  • Plan Sponsor Administrative Responsibilities
  • Participant Services
  • Fiduciary Oversight and Plan Governance
  • Distribution Planning and Wealth Management

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RPA 2 Study Guide, 1st Edition, including online access to the modules and practice exam

* Readings Updates


Retirement Plans, 12th Edition
Allen, Melone, Rosenbloom and Mahoney, editors,
McGraw-Hill, 2017. ISBN 978-1-259-72067-3
(Note: This text is also used in RPA 1.)

$310 Textbook

Retirement Plan Investing Essentials
Mahoney and Maniaci, editors, XanEdu, Inc., 2018.
ISBN: 978-1-50-669860-1

$170 Textbook


Online Study Group With Instructor Support
12-week sessions offered spring, summer and fall


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