​CPE Audit

If you’ve been selected for audit, or wish to know more about the process, this page gives an overview of the audit process.

An important aspect of a voluntary self-reporting program is an audit. In addition to ensuring the integrity of the self-reporting system , it also serves as a snapshot of what kinds of activities CEBS graduates pursue for continuing education.  By reviewing these activities, CEBS , along with the International Foundation and International Society, can continue to evolve and best meet the education needs of students, graduates and the employee benefits profession.

How the Audit Works

CEBS selects a random sample of CPE compliant graduates from the 2013-2014 reporting period.  Once chosen, the individuals are notified via postal mail.  Please keep your contact information current so you don’t miss any important CPE-related notifications. You will be asked to submit supporting documentation of eligible credits that total at least 30 credits completed during the 2013-2014 reporting period.

Submitting Supporting Documentation

Supporting documentation of eligible activities can be sent to, or faxed to (262) 786-8670, along with a copy of your audit letter.  Sending all items in one file is recommended to help make sure your submissions are not separated and will be reviewed together.  Please ensure each supporting document clearly indicates the number of credits you reported for that activity.

Conducting the Audit

The submitted documentation will be reviewed and assessed against the CEBS Content Domain and list of eligible activities.  If necessary, CEBS may request additional information or clarification during the course of the compliance review.

Results of the Audit

Each audit will result in a status of “acceptable” or “insufficient”.  Each individual who is audited will be notified of the results. An acceptable audit is defined as one that includes at least 30 credits of eligible activities in the CEBS Content Domain that were completed during the 2013-2014 reporting period.  If an audit reveals ineligible activities or other deficiencies, you will be asked to substitute other eligible activities to reach the 30 credit threshold.