CMS 2Executive Compensation Management

This is a required course for the CMS designation and can also be used as an elective course for the eight-course curriculum.

This course is under review. If you have already purchased study materials, you will need to complete your exam in 2017.

This course addresses both strategic considerations and specific program elements across a range of financial rewards for executives. Some of the topics covered include the importance of linking compensation with business strategy; the various roles and responsibilities involved in designing and approving executive compensation programs; the accounting, tax and regulatory environment; strategies and issues in linking pay for performance; details on each of the specific compensation elements (base salary, short-term and long-term incentives, retirement arrangements, benefits and perquisites), strategic considerations around communications, and related issues on program administration. The focus of the course is on Canadian executive compensation, with useful U.S. references for dealing with executives who are working in the United States or for U.S. citizens working as executives in Canada .

Please note: CMS 2 - Executive Compensation Management assumes an understanding of the basic compensation theory and design methodology covered in CMS 1 - Compensation Concepts and Principles.

Study Materials

  • Learning Guide, $185.00
  • Executive Compensation: A Director's Guide (special CEBS edition), by Côté, $130.00
  • Readings Updates

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Assignment Topics

  1. Context of Executive Compensation
  2. Governance Role of Corporate Directors
  3. Contract Terms and Fixed Compensation
  4. Fixed Compensation Continued
  5. Pay for Performance
  6. Nonequity Incentives
  7. Equity Incentive Plans: Part 1
  8. Equity Incentive Plans: Part 2
  9. Equity Incentive Plans: Part 3
  10. Director Compensation