This course may be used as an elective for the RPA designation and the CEBS curriculum.

This course is under review. If you have already purchased study materials, you will need to complete your exam in 2017.

The new RPA 4 course provides comprehensive and authoritative treatment of knowledge and best practices for the emerging discipline of personal wealth management.  Since wealth management holistically integrates such specialty areas as personal goal setting, risk analysis, investment management, retirement income forecasting, and estate planning, the course surveys these inter-related yet distinct topics.  The first assignment presents an overview of the wealth management process and describes how individuals can formulate personal goals and work with their advisors to attain these pursuits.  The assignment also provides environmental context about the broader economy and the regulatory landscape in which wealth management is practiced.  The next five assignments address major sub-specialties in managing wealth and the strategic decisions necessary to accomplish personal wealth-building goals.

The latter assignments move from the strategic goal development process to a more tactical approach that is characteristic of the implementation process.  These assignments address how individuals actually realize the objectives formulated in the earlier portion of the course.  Success is realized by concentrating on mitigating risk, managing investments for growth and income, and building a valuable portfolio of diversified assets that appreciate and/or generate cash flows.  The course concludes by highlighting the accumulation of capital and the many valuable purposes for which it can be used.  These purposes may be targeted at business development opportunities, inter-generational planning or charitable giving and philanthropy.

Testing Appointments: Please note the course number to use to for making appointments at Prometric for RPA 4 is Course 22.

Study Materials

  • Learning Guide-includes Practice Exam on CD (PC only), $195.00.
  • Private Wealth Management, 8th Edition, G. Victor Hallman and Jerry S. Rosenbloom, McGraw-Hill, 2009, $115.00. ISBN 978-0-071-54421-4
  • Reading Update

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Assignment Topics

  1. Personal Wealth Management
  2. Managing Risk: A Macro View
  3. Investment Strategy
  4. Retirement Planning Approaches
  5. The Tax Management Process
  6. An Overview of Estate Planning
  7. Managing Personal Risk
  8. Managing Property and Liability Risk
  9. Investment Management: Growth and Value through Equity Investing
  10. Investment Management: Income Generation
  11. Portfolio Theory and Diversification
  12. Accumulating and Deploying Capital for Targeted Goals