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Benefits Magazine is a monthly magazine that covers benefit issues affecting multiemployer, single employer and public employee plan representatives. Health care, retirement, financial literacy and other related topics are addressed. The magazine includes cases studies and profiles of those shaping the industry, as well as Legal & Legislative Reporter.

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January 2019

Articles include:
  • The Ins and Outs of Providing Medical Coverage to a Globally Mobile Workforce
  • The Basics of Global DC Plan Oversight
  • Down at the Crossroads: Where Student Debt Meets the 401(k)
  • Preventing and Detecting Participant Fraud
  • Financial Stress and Three Generations in the Workforce: How Employers Can Help
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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December 2018

Articles include:
  • Time’s Up for Sexual Harassment and Misconduct: Protecting Fund Employees and the Fund
  • Why Employees Dislike Wellness Programs and How to Change Their Mind-Set
  • Six Ways to Reduce Employee Health Costs Through Data Analytics
  • Limitations Periods in Benefit Plans— Guidance From the Courts
  • Mindfulness and Stress Management: Creating Cultures of Optimal Performance
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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November 2018

Articles include:
  • Larger Equity Allocations Pay Off for Large Taft-Hartley Defined Benefit Plans
  • Multiemployer DC Plans: Considering Participant-Directed vs. Trustee-Directed Investments
  • Protecting Pension Plans’ Hard-Won Gains: Could Hedge Funds Play a Role?
  • Ten Tips for Responding to (and Avoiding) an IRS Letter 226-J
  • The Role of the Legal Committee
  • From Apathy to Adherence: Using Personalization and Precision to Improve Health
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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October 2018

Articles include:
  • Managing Pension Risk
  • Disaster Planning for Employee Benefits
  • Withdrawal Liability: Alternative Payment Rules and the Role of PBGC
  • Association Health Plans: An Opportunity, With Risks
  • Losing Health Care Coverage: Understanding the Options
  • Secure Choice: State-Based Retirement Savings Programs Move Forward Despite Regulatory and Legal Headwinds
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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September 2018

Articles include:
  • Curing Low Health Care Literacy
  • What’s Working (and What’s Not Working) in Financial Wellness Programs
  • The Role of the Withdrawal Liability Committee
  • Six Considerations for Designing a Total Rewards Program
  • Tapping Your PBM to Detect Fraud, Waste and Abuse
  • Seeing Clearly: Vision Benefits
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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August 2018

Articles include:
  • From on High: A Discussion of Federal Law and State Court Decisions on Medical Marijuana and the Workplace
  • Practical Solutions to Defined Contribution Plan Challenges
  • Forum Selection Clauses for Employee Benefit Plans
  • A Guide to Caring for Elderly Loved Ones
  • Preparing for Open Enrollment: Five Steps to Take Now
  • Using Artificial Intelligence to Guide Health Benefit Choices
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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July 2018

Articles include:
  • Phased Retirement: A Solution for Employers and Employees?
  • A Crash Course in Behavioral Economics— Bypassing Biases
  • Special Feature: Perspectives on the Opioid Crisis and the Workforce
  • The Role of the Benefit and Appeals Committee
  • Plugging Leaks in DB Pension Plan Administration
  • How to Plan and Design a Thorough Health Care Claims Audit
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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June 2018

Articles include:
  • Curbing the High Cost of Opioid Abuse Treatment
  • Beyond Wellness: A Holistic Approach to Health Management
  • 15 Technology Trends That Can Elevate Your Wellness Program
  • Managing Prescription Drug Costs: Holding PBMs Accountable for Clinical Management
  • Evaluating the Effectiveness of Wise Use of Medical Care Training—A Case Study
  • Five Meaningful Benefits for Millennials
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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May 2018

Articles include:
  • Lightening the Load of Elder Care
  • Target-Date Funds: Key Considerations and a Process for Fiduciaries
  • Benefit Plans and Cybersecurity Threats: Controls Outweigh Technology
  • Building an Effective Online Strategy
  • Conducting a Mental Health Culture Audit
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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April 2018

Articles include:
  • What’s in Your Vendor Contract? Five Provisions to Avoid
  • The Role of the Collection Committee
  • Assessing Trustee Performance: A View From Experience
  • DC Plan Administration Costs: Are Flat Fees the Answer?
  • Health Care Benefit Assignments: How to Defend a Denial-of-Claim Lawsuit
  • Cutting Costs and Changing Habits With Reference Pricing
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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March 2018

Articles include:
  • The Nuts and Bolts of Merging Health and Welfare Funds
  • How to Assess the Financial Status of Your Health Fund
  • Recruiting Younger Apprentices: Three Vignettes, Three Approaches
  • Five Common Blunders in Contracting With a PBM
  • Critical Questions to Ask When Evaluating an Investment Manager
  • How Are U.S. Multinationals Preparing for Brexit?
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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February 2018

Articles include:
  • Critical Questions to Ask When Hiring an Investment Manager
  • Why Good People Do Bad Things: How Fraud Can Happen to Any of Us
  • Insuring Your Apprenticeship Fund
  • How New Drugs Come to Market
  • The Universe of the University Cases: A New Approach to ERISA Enforcement
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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January 2018

Articles include:
  • Managing Medical Plans Around the World
  • Uncovering Hidden Health Plan Costs With Data Analytics
  • Governance Matters: Improving Pension Plan Board Effectiveness
  • Privacy Considerations for Employer-Sponsored Wellness Programs
  • Coronary Calcium Imaging: An Alternative Approach to Heart Disease Prevention
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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