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Employee Benefit Services Representative

Our not-for-profit organization provides health and pension benefits to stage actors and stage managers throughout the US and we have been doing this for well more than 50 years. Our office, located in the heart of the theater district of Manhattan serves more than 50,000 participants, online, over the phone and in person.

We are looking for a benefits expert who wants to become part of a team that is knowledgeable, personable and dedicated to providing “white glove” administrative service to our constituents in connection with the benefits listed below. Hands-on experience calculating and administering pension, 401(k) and health benefits is required for this position.

Defined Benefit Pension Plan
• Calculate pension benefits.
• Process pension applications.
• Explain and process beneficiary designations
• Have knowledge of retirement plan Federal regulations, such as contribution limits and annual notices.

Health Benefits Plan (Medical, Prescription Drug, Dental, Vision Care and Supplementary Worker’s Compensation
• Explain, calculate and verify health benefit eligibility.
• Explain COBRA and post COBRA coverage, and assemble required notices.
• Explain health benefits: medical dental, vision care, prescription drugs and supplemental workers compensation.
• Interact with Cigna, HMO's and other vendors regarding eligibility, coverage and claims inquiries.
• Have knowledge of health plan Federal and local regulations, such as ACA and Medicare.
• Interact with State agencies which subsidize health premium costs.

401 (K) Plan
• Process 401 (K) withdrawal applications
• Explain pension and 401(K) benefits.
• Explain 401(K) investment options.
• Have knowledge of retirement plan Federal regulations, such as contribution limits and annual notices.
• Prepare new participant packets.

• Excellent written and oral communications skills.
• Three to five years of health and pension benefit experience.
• College degree or equivalent.
• Proficient in Excel, Word and Microsoft Outlook.

All resumes should be emailed to: iakande@equityleague.org


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