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Pacific Health Coalition Email
Posted on 6/3/2022 Featured Listing

Executive Director

Pacific Health Coalition


Remote | Alaska | Washington


The Pacific Health Coalition (PHC), was formed in 1994 to help four participating health plans find ways to control health care costs in Alaska. It has grown to be comprised of 50 participating plans with approximately 250,000 covered lives throughout Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, and beyond. The PHC is a member of two larger national health care coalitions, and maintains more than a dozen ongoing program offerings for its participating plans.

The PHC’s Executive Director is retiring at the end of 2022. Consequently, the PHC is interested in hiring an Executive Director to assist the Board maintaining and advancing the infrastructure of the organization throughout its geographical region. In addition to the Executive Director, the PHC employs two part time Membership Representatives, one located in Alaska, and one in Washington.

This position is accountable for overseeing the daily management of the operations of the PHC. Other areas of responsibilities involve assisting in or managing the development and implementation of a public relations/marketing strategy, promoting the PHC to facilitate membership growth, strategic planning, provider relations and may include grant writing. In addition, project management responsibilities may be assigned to this position by the PHC Board of Directors. The Executive Director works closely with the PHC Executive Board and contracted benefits consultants, attorneys and other service providers.

The duties of the Executive Director position include oversight of the following activities:

1. Management & Administration:
• Administer existing service programs
• Assist with implementation of new programs or services
• Manage annual health fairs
• Act as a resource to participating plans
• Manage correspondence
• Financial management of the PHC, with the assistance of a contracted bookkeeper/accountant
• Develop and maintain a filing and compliance system
• Maintain accurate minutes and records of PHC meetings
• Coordinate scheduling/logistics coordination and staff Board and Committee meetings
• Research and disseminate health care or public policy literature
• Maintain and update the PHC website

2. Special Projects Management as needed to assist in developing or implementing new projects.

3. Community Relations. Maintain effective relationships with the health plans, self-insured employers, unions, public entities and other members of the PHC as well as with any interested policymakers.

4. Public Policy Advocacy. When appropriate, advocate for the PHC and its member health plans on a state and federal level.

5. Membership Growth:
• Create and manage a comprehensive membership and prospects database
• Assist in the development and management of a membership marketing plan
• Actively coordinate marketing efforts and solicit new members
• Work with current members to adopt additional PHC programs

6. Grant Writing:
• Research grant opportunities
• Write grant proposals or oversee grant writing process

1. Maintain, develop and implement operational policies and protocols for the PHC.

2. Work under time pressures to assist in the development of strategies and programs which impact the PHC.

3. Work with a variety of member coalitions, third-party administrators, consultants, attorneys and other labor/management groups with varying workloads and priorities to complete PHC initiatives.

1. Commitment to the values and philosophies of the PHC

2. Commitment to excellence in customer service

3. College degree with a major in business management, organizational design, public administration or related field preferred

4. Graduate degree in the above areas ideal

5. 3+ years of management or project coordination at the management level

6. Experience with labor, labor/management, non-profit and/or public sector groups preferred

7. Familiarity with health care in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, such as might be obtained by working for a health care provider, insurer, administrator or in a health insurance agency as a broker or benefits consultant, or as a human resources professional/ consultant with a benefits specialty

8. Ability to comprehend and interpret contract terminology

9. Ability to work independently

10. Ability to lead change processes

11. Willingness to travel

12. Excellent research skills

13. Excellent verbal and written communications skills

14. Ability to work at times within a team environment and use participatory decision-making

1. We expect the job duties of the Executive Director will require a full time commitment. The Executive Director is an exempt at-will employee.

2. Compensation: We offer a base compensation package, commensurate upon experience and qualifications.

3. Incentive Package: An incentive package may be offered to provide significant increased earnings potential based on performance tied to growth and production measures and expectations.

Please submit cover letter and resume to Pacific Health Coalition, c/o Colleen Savoie, Submissions close July 15, 2022.

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