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Actuarial Analyst / Pension and Benefits Specialist


Ottawa, ON (CANADA) Gatineau, QC (CANADA)

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• Certified Employee Benefit Specialist (CEBS) program – Dalhousie University (Ongoing)
• Two exams of the Society of Actuaries completed
• Bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Science from Université du Québec à Montréal (2007)
• Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Ottawa (2004)

Professional Experience

Bilingual Pension Analyst
Canadian Union of Public Employees, Ottawa (ON)
2016 to 2019

• Work in collaboration with the pension plan’s internal and external stakeholders to ensure compliance with the Income Tax Act and the applicable provincial pension standards legislation.
• Lead in the preparation of the monthly pension financial accounting, reporting and reconciliations.
• Collect, analyse and review financial data in preparation of the annual Pension Fund audit and the Fund audited financial statements.
• Develop, update and manage the pension calculation tools in Excel (retirement calculation, service buyback, interest calculation, indexing calculation, etc.) and collaborate on updates for the related pension module and payroll system.
• Supervise benefits calculations for terminations, retirements, deaths and marriage breakdowns.
• Prepare regular and ad hoc reports to the plan’s internal and external stakeholders and provide accurate data analysis.
• Lead in the preparation of the pension plan’s newsletter and annual report to members.
• Participate in the continuous development of communication materials for Plan members, such as pension plan member booklet, pension plan administrative forms, pension plan website, etc.
• Participate in the review, improvement and translation of all Plan documents, including amendment and consolidation of the Plan text.
• Negotiate reciprocal transfer agreements (RTAs) and analyse propositions.
• Analyse Plan documents, collective agreements and applicable legislation to provide review of complex cases such as marriage breakdowns, dismissal, transfers-in, past service issues, etc.
• Prepare the regular pension plan statutory reports and filings.
• Prepare the year-end process for data information. Analyse and review the database to ensure accuracy. Provide guidance to the pension administration team on year-end data issues.
• Lead in the preparation of the annual pre-retirement seminars.
• Attend Joint Board of Trustees (JBT) meetings and work on assigned projects and tasks related to the Board, including sub-committee work.
• Work with the Benefits and Members communications sub-committee of the JBT and provide them support and guidance to ensure compliance with their mandate and their annual workplan.

Bilingual Actuarial Analyst / Pension & Benefits Specialist
Welton Parent Inc, Ottawa (ON)
2005 to 2016

• Establish and maintain relationships with internal and external pension plan stakeholders.
• Oversee the administration of various defined contribution and defined benefit registered pension plans, including individual pension plans, in accordance with the Income Tax Act and the provincial pension standards legislation.
• Prepare annual pension regulatory filings, such as the Annual Information Return, Pensions Benefits Guarantee Fund (PBGF), Investment Information Summary (IIS), Employee’s Pension Plan Income Tax Return (T3P) and financial statements.
• Work with the actuaries on the design of registered pension plans and other required plan, such as the employer resolution, plan text, trust agreement, administrative forms, Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures and member booklets.
• Work with the actuaries to make the necessary changes to registered pension plans (provisions, administration and official documents) when federal or provincial regulations are amended. Translate documents as needed.
• Work with the actuaries to develop and maintain actuarial and administrative calculation tools in order to calculate benefits owed to plan members following termination of employment, retirement or death.
• Collaborate with the actuaries in the preparation of actuarial valuations (on a funding basis and solvency basis), service buyback analysis, commuted value calculations, estimated pension benefits at various dates, etc.
• Provide pension and benefits administration services to private and public sector clients. Services include enrolling employees in the plan, ensuring data accuracy, corresponding with plan members, assisting plan members with any questions regarding their rights, benefits and options under the plan provisions, etc.
• Prepare annual member statements, and other statements for plan members following termination of employment, retirement or death.
• Calculate pension adjustments, past service pension adjustments and pension adjustment reversals.

Bilingual Actuarial Analyst (part-time contract)
GML Actuarial Services, Ottawa (ON)
2012 to 2013

• Under the supervision of the Chief Actuary, analyse expert reports to assess pecuniary losses incurred by individuals following a personal injury caused by a motor vehicle accident, a fall, medical negligence and other types of civil claims. Types of assessments include loss of income, loss of earning capacity, loss of pension benefits, inability to perform household and other duties, cost of future care, criminal interest rates.
• Apply various actuarial and financial assumptions, and applicable legislation (Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule, market value of care costs, mortality tables, interest rates) in order to determine the present value of future care costs for individuals having suffered a personal injury.
• Use assessment results to prepare a summary report and detailed analysis for the plaintiffs and defendants.

Bilingual Statistical Analyst
Canada Student Loan Program (CSLP), Continuous Improvement Team
Human Resources Development Canada, Gatineau (QC)
2003 - 2004

• Meet the staff’s informational needs and support senior management in the decision-making process.
• Analyse statistical data, develop reports requiring specific operational information and conduct research accordingly.
• Manage the statistical data bases required by the CSLP to plan the Client Relations Division’s workload and operations.
• Develop statistical posters as information and training tools for the CSLP’s staff.

Volunteer Work

Executive Secretary-Treasurer and Member of the Bargaining Committee
Confidential Employees Union, Ottawa
2018 - 2019

• Bookkeeping, deposit Union dues and issue check payments.
• Prepare the financial reports for the executive committee and for the general meetings.
• In collaboration with the Executive Committee, organize and attend meetings, including preparing the agenda of general meetings and drafting minutes.
• In collaboration with the Executive Committee and Legal Counsel, review and investigate complaints, file grievances and assist in arbitration processes.
• Contribute to drafting and presenting the bargaining proposals to the union members.
• Attend and participate to the collective agreement negotiations.

Computer Skills

• Advanced Excel skills
• Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Outlook, PowerPoint)
• AVANTI pension module and payroll system
• Other: Lotus, Visual Basic, Java, C, C++


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