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Benefits Magazine is a monthly magazine that covers benefit issues affecting multiemployer, single employer and public employee plan representatives. Health care, retirement, financial literacy and other related topics are addressed. The magazine includes cases studies and profiles of those shaping the industry, as well as Legal & Legislative Reporter.

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January 2020

Articles include:
  • Global Juggling Act: Managing Employee Benefits for Smaller Foreign Subsidiaries
  • The Key to Trust: Social Engineering Fraud and Modern Threat Detection
  • State-by-State Individual Mandate Reporting Compliance: A Cautionary Tale
  • 2020 Vision for Health Care Plan Compliance: What to Expect This Year
  • Preventing Violence and Mitigating Stress in the Workplace
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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December 2019

Articles include:
  • It Could Happen to Your Health Plan: Managing the Rising Costs and Risks of Rare Disease
  • Where the Rubber Meets the Road: PBM Procurement and Contracting
  • Pharmacists: An Underused Tool for Controlling Prescription Drug Costs and Improving Quality of Care
  • Effective Vendor Management: Trustee Legal Obligations and Practical Advice
  • To or Through? Evaluating TDF Glide Paths
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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November 2019

Articles include:
  • What Should My Asset Allocation Be? Five Key Factors for Employee Benefit Funds
  • Behavioral Economics: Three Tools for Improving Prescription Drug Adherence
  • Multiemployer Health Plan Funding Targets
  • Guiding Workers Through the Medicare Maze
  • Getting in Front of the Trends: Using High- Tech Tools to Improve Financial Wellness
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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October 2019

Articles include:
  • Breaking the Silence: Reducing the Risk of Suicide in the Construction Industry
  • Retiree Health Plans 101
  • The Global Gender Equality Movement
  • The Rise of the Defined Contribution Trustee
  • How to Support Employees Raising Children With Developmental Disabilities
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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September 2019

Articles include:
  • Boost the Bottom Line: Help Employees Improve Their Financial Well-Being
  • High Stakes for Health Plans: Out-of-Network Provider Lawsuits
  • Voluntary Benefits: To Implement or Not to Implement? Is That the Only Question?
  • ERISA Plan Expenses: Fiduciary Standards to Live By
  • Multiemployer Payroll Auditing Update
  • Seven Key Components of Financial Literacy for Construction Workers
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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August 2019

Articles include:
  • Validate Wellness Vendors With a Data-Driven Approach
  • Transgender Health Benefits: Best Practices and Legal Considerations
  • Getting in the Driver’s Seat: Four Steps to Prepare for a DOL Audit
  • Trustee Expenses Revisited
  • HRAs: New Opportunities for Plan Sponsors?
  • Own Worst Enemy: How Plan Sponsors Can Encourage Participant HSA Funding
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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July 2019

Articles include:
  • Mailbox or Inbox? What You Need to Know Before Switching to Electronic Notices
  • Catch Them While You Can: Monitoring and Assessing Partial Withdrawal Liability
  • The Bermuda Triangle Plus One: The Interplay of FMLA, ADA, ACA and Workers’ Compensation
  • Stop the Grind: How Employers Can Curb Workplace Fatigue and Drive Productivity
  • Improving Apprenticeship Program Delivery
  • Private Equity: The Increasing Appeal of Customization
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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June 2019

Articles include:
  • Creating a Multiculturally Competent Worksite Wellness Program: The Why and the How
  • Building a Bridge to Your Mobile Future
  • Turning Vacation Days Into Cash and Other In-Demand Benefits
  • Ten Costly Health and Welfare Plan Compliance Traps
  • Recognizing, Revealing and Resolving Symptoms of Sexual Harassment
  • Value Investing—Are Rumors of Its Demise Greatly Exaggerated?
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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May 2019

Articles include:
  • Held for Ransom: How One Organization Responded to a Cyberattack
  • Coming to Grips With Blockchain
  • Navigating a Benefit Suspension Application Under MPRA
  • Three Simple Strategies for Adopting a Passive Investment Consulting Approach
  • Helping Employees With Chronic Pain
  • What Works Best to Help Millennial Employees Achieve Financial Security?
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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April 2019

Articles include:
  • Target-Date Funds: Help Plan Participants Hit the Mark
  • DC Plans Encourage Lifetime Participation Through Individual Retirement Advice
  • Who Foots the Bill? The Courts Weigh In on Withdrawal Liability
  • Against Common Sense: The Expenses Putting Your Apprenticeship Program at Risk
  • Beyond Defaults: Using Behavioral Economics to Improve Health Outcomes
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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March 2019

Articles include:
  • Ten Tips to Boost Telehealth Engagement
  • Multiemployer Plans and the Working Spouse Rule
  • Targeted Communication: How NFL Player Benefits Moved the Goalposts
  • Transforming Health Care Through Value-Based Reimbursement
  • Beyond Defaults: Using Behavioral Economics to Improve Retirement Outcomes
  • Protecting Employee Data in the Digital World
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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February 2019

Articles include:
  • Benefit Communications: Getting Started With Data Analytics
  • The Evolution of Reference-Based Pricing
  • The Forgotten Network: Taking a Second Look at Health Plan Ancillary Networks
  • A Mature-Cycle Playbook: Three Investment Strategies for Multiemployer Plans
  • Developing Workplace Financial Wellness Programs
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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January 2019

Articles include:
  • The Ins and Outs of Providing Medical Coverage to a Globally Mobile Workforce
  • The Basics of Global DC Plan Oversight
  • Down at the Crossroads: Where Student Debt Meets the 401(k)
  • Preventing and Detecting Participant Fraud
  • Financial Stress and Three Generations in the Workforce: How Employers Can Help
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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