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      Unitied Adminsitrative Services Accounting/Auditing; Administrative Services Only-Insurance; Banking/Financial/Custodial; Benefit Consulting; Defined Contribution (DC) Plan Services; Financial/Retirement Planning; Health Care-Dental Plans; Health Care-General; Health Care-Pharmacy Benefit Managers/Specialty Drugs; Health Care-Vision Plans; Other; Trust Fund Administration For over 40 years, United Administrative Services (UAS) has provided excellence in employee benefit plan administration with personalized customer service. UAS is one of the oldest and largest Third Party Administrators (TPA) in Northern California. We perform full plan administration services including account management of Health and Welfare and Pension plans, premium administration, claims payment on self funded plans, pension defined benefit and defined contribution plans, HIPAA compliance, and COBRA, HRA and FSA plans. For more information please visit: Contact name: Sandy Stephenson, Vice President, Administration
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