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      Anthem BlueCross BlueShield Insurance Anthem BlueCross, Anthem BlueCross BlueShield, Empire BlueCross, and Empire BlueCross BlueShield are subsidiaries of Anthem, Inc., the largest health benefits company in terms of membership in the United States. We have extensive experience providing medical coverage to union members throughout the country and proudly serve over 300 health and welfare funds in our 14 states, totaling over two million members. In addition to our medical strengths, our integrated portfolio of health, retiree, prescription drug, dental, vision and life benefits are easily adaptable to meet your fund’s needs and expectations. In fact, our Group Retiree segment, which provides Medicare Advantage and pharmacy benefits customized for retirees’ unique needs, is the fastest growing Group MA insurer in the country. IngenioRx leverages the power of new technologies and uses a strong, clinical-first lens to help trusts and funds stay ahead of changes and maximize the value of personalized pharmacy care. Contact name: Martin Lutzeier, Regional Vice President, Labor and Trust
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