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      Setanta Asset Management Investment-Asset Managers Setanta Asset Management is a boutique investment firm based in Dublin, Ireland. Setanta has remained focused over its 20+ year history, applying a fundamental quality/value approach to its investment strategies and generating strong long-term returns (ten years to 30th June 2022) for our clients. Setanta manages C$17.8B (30th June 2022) of active assets including C$3.2B for Canadian investors including multi-employer pension plans and C$1.6B on behalf of U.S. institutional investors including U.S. family wealth. Setanta has a range of investment strategies for multi-employer plans including International/EAFE Equity, Global Equity and Global Dividend. In addition, Setanta has a Responsible Investment Policy that considers ESG factors and is a UN PRI signatory. Contact name: Rocco Vessio, Director, Business Development Canada
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