Ready or Not: Your Retirement Planning Guide

​Ready or Not

Your Retirement Planning Guide

Ready or Not

Ready or Not: Your Retirement Planning Guide

Your Comprehensive Guide to Life After Work

Ready or Not: Your Retirement Planning Guide is designed to help you consider the full spectrum of what you need to know for retirement planning. Looking at the future will give you the confidence and optimism to handle what life brings as you prepare to transition to retirement. 

This complete, comprehensive guide will help yourself and employees prepare for all facets of a satisfying and comfortable retirement. Specific, detailed information in clear, concise language will answer all your questions on retirement. Checklists and worksheets will make it easy to pinpoint areas of concern or interest.

Ready or Not is designed to help you feel empowered to set yourself and employees up for success and be a guide to the best years of a life in retirement. This is the essential guide to planning a comfortable and enriching retirement.

Read a sample chapter from Ready or Not: Your Retirement Planning Guide, 48th Edition.

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Ready or Not is helpful in considering so many different aspects of what it means to ‘retire’. The guide is organized very well and shares information in very clear and easy to understand language.

I highly recommend Ready or Not for anyone wanting to finish well and make good decisions as they approach retirement.

Susan K. BurchRetired Member Care and Development Team Member – Mission to the World

Topics covered include:

  • Financial planning
  • Whether to retire early or late
  • Consumer education
  • Health insurance
  • Earning money while retired
  • Volunteering
  • Retirement information for families, couples and singles
  • Social security
  • Estate planning
  • Living longer and better
  • Housing and living
  • Leisure while retired
  • Keeping up to date on retirement benefits
  • Caregiving.

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