Stoke Your Motivation With Instructor-Led Online Classes!

Motivation is like a spark. Something with the potential to transform your life suddenly inspires you to grow as a person. Making a plan for action is the fuel to grow your motivation from that first spark to a glowing flame. Consider enrolling in a CEBS® online class to stoke your motivation as you learn. A weekly schedule encourages you to move forward on your learning journey. Your instructor’s study tools and expertise help you grasp new knowledge and make it your own as you prepare for your CEBS exam. The CEBS designation distinguishes you as the ideal candidate—both a thinker with solid theoretical knowledge and a doer who knows how to apply it strategically! Now is the time to forge ahead in your career.

An instructor-led online class helps you step up your independent study efforts. Learn from a benefits industry expert who will provide you with personal insights about this field. With an internet connection, log in to your class at your convenience during the 12-week session! The class contains tools and content that have been created and curated to enhance your learning of relevant knowledge and critical skills. Benefit from being part of a community of like-minded learners, and master the course so you test confidently on your CEBS exam day. With an online class, you get:


​Three Tips to Study Smarter With Hygge Studying

Hygge is the Danish cultural concept of living your best life by imbuing it with coziness and enjoying togetherness and simple pleasures. Since many areas will experience cool, rainy or snowy seasons in the upcoming months, now is the time to get inspired to curl up with your CEBS Study Guide and prepare to savor sweet success.

1Think tactile. The sense of touch keeps you grounded and focused on the moment. Flip through the pages of your Study Guide and textbook. Choose a special notebook just for CEBS-related content, and take notes by hand with your favourite type of pen. Writing out your notes has been shown to lead to better retention of new content.

2Get social. We’re better together as learners. It’s nice to get perspective from others and have someone to ask questions and discuss new ideas with. Meet up with your co-workers in the CEBS program for coffee and have a study group. Consider taking a CEBS online class to join a community of learners like you.

3Create comfort. Add the little things you love to your study ritual to make it cozy and pleasant.  Hot tea, plants or succulents, candles, comfortable clothing, meditation music—Pairing up things you enjoy with a task you would like to accomplish creates a pleasant mental association that motivates you to continue.

​What's Your CEBS Story? The Spotlight Is on You!


​Marg Romanow, CEBS

Benefits Officer 

Saskatchewan Union of Nurses

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Marg on how pursuing the CEBS designation demonstrated that she’s a lifelong learner and an expert in employee benefits:

“Enrolling in the CEBS program was my first return to education following my formal education. It illustrated that I could accomplish taking classes again and writing exams. The CEBS program provided information directly related to my work and gave me additional confidence in addressing issues at work because I knew industry standards. Completion of each module of the CEBS program gave me confidence and a sense of accomplishment in advancing my education successfully.”
How Marg studied for her CEBS exam and applied what she learned to her work:
““When I took the CEBS courses, my children were younger. The CEBS program provided a project that was for me. It gave me a sense of independence from the demands of family obligations. I would schedule CEBS study time and plan my life accordingly.
The fundamental principles of benefit programs that I learned from CEBS have supported me in many discussions. The information provided by CEBS has allowed me to better understand benefit reports and ask pertinent questions about benefit plans. As a result of the CEBS program, I had confidence to take many additional courses and programs. I am a lifelong learner as a result of the CEBS program.”

Marg on how expanding her professional network supported her in obtaining her designation and professional success:
“I took CEBS through night classes. As a result of the night classes, I have made lifelong friends and connections in the benefits industry.”
Marg on how earning her CEBS designation has supported her role:
“The CEBS designation has supported my role in addressing pension and benefit issues. CEBS provided the key points of benefit plans with the rationale to understand them. It has allowed me to delve into benefit issues with more proficiency and confidence since I knew the essential components of benefit plans.”

Are you interested in sharing your CEBS story? Please email us at to submit it. We'll help you to develop a great article.

​CEBS Student Survey

​Meet the Instructor


​Cindy Arcand, CEBS


Employee Benefits and Retirement Programs

GBA 2—Managing Benefit Plans Part 2

 Cindy on the value of the CEBS program:

"The CEBS designation really is the ‘gold standard’ for education in the employee benefits field. I love that the program is refreshingly practical, flexible, current and applicable to the workplace. Employers recognize the value of the CEBS designation, and it is becoming a requirement for many benefits-related job opportunities.”

​Course Corner

All study materials are available through Books for Business. Order online at or by calling (800) 387-1417. Contact CEBS at (844) 809-2698 with questions.  Please check your online Study Guide or the Readings Update for Canadian Courses page for any study materials updates.

Highlights From the 38th Annual ISCEBS Employee Benefits ​Symposium

​​The 38th Annual Symposium took place September 8-11, 2019 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Here's a look back at some of its highlights and a CEBS graduate's story.


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