CEBS Compliance Tool Kit

Encourage all CEBS graduates to fuel their fire for knowledge by continuing to learn the latest in employee benefits and maintaining their CEBS Compliant status. We've compiled a number of handy tools to help as you spread the word about the value of Compliance. 

Flash Drive

If you are a chapter leader, all of these materials are available on the Fundamentals Flash Drive.  If you don't have the flash drive, no worries, you can find all the necessary information to encourage CEBS Compliance on this page. 

Talking Points

Click here for CEBS Compliance talking points. These are great nuggets of wisdom to include in emails and while networking to encourage CEBS Compliance!

Opening/Closing Slides

Handy opening and closing slides to include in your PowerPoint presentations are available here. Whether it is a webcast or an in-person meeting, your attendees always appreciate reminders about earning CEBS Compliance credit for certain events!


Looking for more content than talking points? Don’t worry; we’ve included a script for you!

Compliance Video

Watch for a video coming soon to include on your website, share on social media and show at your events.

Compliance Certificates

Use this template to create Compliance certificates. Reward attendees for continuing their education!

Compliance Buttons

Who wouldn’t want a stylish compliance button? What’s better than getting to show off your accomplishments? Reward Compliant members with a little bling! Contact the CEBS department if you need additional buttons. 

Compliance Guide Trifold

Lastly, click here to download the Compliance guide. Send attendees off with one of these gems to review when they get back to the office and need pointers on how to report their credit. Truly a top-notch tool!