CEBS Designation: Time and Cost

How long will it take to earn a designation?

The new CEBS focused curriculum allows students to attain the credential in less than three years. The self-paced, self-study model puts you in charge of your individual timeline—take as much, or as little time as you need. There is no time limit for earning the new CEBS, GBA or RPA and there is no limit on the number of courses you can take in any given year.

Cost Breakdown

To earn the CEBS designation​, you will need to complete five courses.​​

To earn either the GBA or RPA credential you need to complete three courses each. Upon completion of GBA and RPA, you would earn the CEBS designation as well as both specialty credentials. 

Cost per course varies depending on study materials selected: 

Required: Successful completion of comprehensive exam - C$550
Essential: Study Guide - C$275 (includes print and online access)
Essential: Textbook - cost varies
Optional additional support: Instructor-Led Online Class - C$225

Other fees: (See policies for details)

Exam Retake: C$115

Exam Transfer: C$115

Exam Expired Eligibility: C$115

Late CE Credit Request: C$75


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