​Exam Tips - Preparing for​ Your C​EBS Exa​m

Exam Tips - Preparing for​ Your C​EBS Exa​m

What Can I Do Before the Exam? 
The best way to get ready for a test is to study from the beginning of the course. It's smart to prepare a little bit each day. Preparing for a test gradually lets you absorb the material, make connections between concepts and draw conclusions. Studying every night will save you the agony of ha​​​ving to cram on the night before the exam.

Create your own study aids. 
Aids such as flash cards, checklists, chapter outlines and summaries will help you organize and remember the material better. You might think that it takes a lot of time to make these aids, but they will help you condense the test material into a manageable size.

Take the Practice Exam
 Located in the online environment, the 100-question practice exam to help you check your progress. Take the test, marking areas needing review and use your practice exam results to target areas where you need additional study.

Exam Day Tips

Pace yourself during the exam. 
Be sure to allow enough time to answer all parts of the exam, not just the most difficult parts or the parts you know best. Remember that you have two hours to complete your exam. At the end of the first half-hour, you should be around question 25. If you find yourself still struggling with question 5 or you have already skated through question 40, you may need to adjust your pace.

Don't assume that you'll know the answer, or should know the answer, to every question on the exam. 
You had a lot of material to cover so some questions may be specialized beyond what you have retained.

Use the exam as a source of information. 
Often, another question will help you answer the one you find troublesome. 

Do not change answers unless you are certain that you made a mistake. If you are not absolutely sure the answer you want to change is incorrect, go with your first impression.

Mark the question for review.
Work through the exam quickly and carefully. Don't get bogged down on a question that you can't answer or are unsure about. Mark the question for review and return to it later.

Check your answers, if you have extra time. Do not frustrate yourself, however, by concentrating on questions that you simply don't know how to answer.

Use the full exam period.
Think back to how much time you spent preparing for the exam. Don't be in a hurry to be the first one out the door. Take the full two hours.


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