Directing Benefits Plans Part 2

Directing Benefits Programs Part 2

This course is required to earn the following designations: GBA, CEBS (Updated April 2023)

GBA 2 highlights the impact of managing and directing employee benefit plans in realizing strategic organizational milestones.  The course's primary focus is on structuring, administering and enhancing health-related benefit programs to achieve competitive advantage in attracting and retaining talent in a constantly changing labor marketplace. The course begins with a comprehensive overview of the U. S. health care system, looking at various market segments and how these market segments impact pricing and offerings in other sectors. GBA 2 then delves into selected advanced topics to deliver value in health plan design.  The course examines rating and premium setting, controlling risk, and designing quality and cost-effective provider networks. The course integrates actuarial and funding issues with program design and compliance.  Additionally, the course acquaints the learner with an understanding of other needs-relevant group benefits; such as disability income programs, long-term care and life insurance protections. GBA 2 uses mini-cases and an integrated, course-wide case study to achieve its learning objectives of developing an appreciation for designing benefits programs within a highly volatile and rapidly evolving market economy. 

Topics covered in GBA 2

  • Changing Dynamics of U.S. Health Care System
  • Rating and Premium Setting
  • Controlling Risk Factors
  • Designing Cost-Effective Health Provider Networks
  • Participant Response to Health Plan Pricing
  • Initiatives in Health Care Quality Improvement
  • Self-Funding by Small Employers
  • Private Health Insurance Exchanges
  • Patient-Centered Medical Homes
  • Disability Income Programs
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Life Insurance Concepts and Policy Options

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GBA 2 Study Guide, including online access to the modules and practice exam, 2nd Edition 



Employee Benefits Management and Financing, 2nd Edition,  
Mahoney and Maniaci, editors, XanEdu, Inc., 2023. ISBN 978-1-71-147154-9   



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