Navigating the Plan Environment

Navigating the Plan Environment (Bridge Course)

This course is required to earn the following designations: GBA, RPA, CEBS (Updated October 2021)

Sponsors do not make decisions about their benefit and retirement plans in a vacuum. They are influenced by their “context”—various factors, conditions and circumstances in their environment. This course looks at two factors in the plan environment that impact most plan sponsors—the compensation system and the social security system. Benefit plans, regardless of type, are typically developed within the constraints and opportunities inherent in the sponsor’s chosen compensation strategy and in the constraints and opportunities inherent in government-sponsored benefit programs provided through Canada’s social security system. GBA/RPA3 also introduces tools for building contextual knowledge. Decision making and risk management models and processes explore how awareness of thinking processes and their resulting biases can improve professional effectiveness in a range of plan contexts and benefits roles. Theory-based readings are supported with industry-developed models and guidelines.

Topics covered in GBA/RPA 3

  • Optimizing Social Programs in Planning for Retirement and Health Security
  • Optimizing the Canada Pension Plan/Quebec Pension Plan for Income Security
  • Optimizing Canada's Social Security System-Employment Insurance and Workers’ Compensation
  • Optimizing Canada's Social Security System-Health Care
  • Driving Plan Sponsor Strategy with Reward and Compensation Systems
  • Driving Behaviour with Reward and Compensation Systems
  • Understanding How Behavioural Economics Impacts Decision Making
  • Applying Behavioural Economics Tools to Improve Decision Making
  • Thinking Through a Risk Management Lens
  • Establishing Risk Governance and Culture
  • Integrating Risk Management Into Strategy Setting and Execution
  • Optimizing Risk Communication, Reporting and Monitoring to Improve Decision Making

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