Strategic Benefits Management

Strategic Benefits Management (Bridge Course)

This course is required to earn the following designations: GBA, RPA, CEBS

The course provides an overarching framework of today's most pressing and volatile issues that impact both health and welfare plans, as well as retirement and capital accumulation plans. The course begins by describing the contextual environment in which employee benefit plans operate. The overview surveys the fiduciary regulatory structure built on the foundation of ERISA and looks at the "community of expertise" that characterizes the many specialty services that comprise today's multifaceted benefits industry. The course then explores the myriad challenges confronting benefits professionals including compliance issues, cybersecurity and privacy and overseeing plan audits. Managing vendor services within the realms of health care and retirement is also considered. How today's private benefit plans interact with social insurance programs and how they are deployed on a global scale are likewise detailed.

Topics covered in GBA/RPA 3

  • ERISA Regulatory Framework
  • Benefits Industry  
  • Plan Documentation Requirements
  • Cybersecurity and Privacy Concerns
  • Overseeing and Managing Plan Audits
  • Issues in Vendor Management-Retirement
  • Analytics in Vendor Management-Health
  • Impact of Financial Product Innovation on Retirement Plans
  • ERISA in Practice: Key Issues
  • Social Insurance
  • Health Care Coverage in Retirement
  • Global Employee Benefits

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Strategic Benefits Management
Mahoney and Maniaci, editors, XanEdu, Inc., 2017



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12-week sessions offered in spring, summer and fall



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