Next Steps for Current Students​

Have you already passed one or more exams in the former curriculum? You ​have options! You can keep the momentum going in the former curriculum or you can switch to the new curriculum. Both options provide you with a clear path to completing your CEBS designation. 

Former CEBS Registration

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NOTE: Exams for courses in the former curriculum ended on March 15, 2018.

Online Study Program

  • Instructor Notes
  • Audio Overviews of Modules
  • Quizzes and Interactive Games
  • Recorded Review Sessions

Remember, you must apply for the corresponding exam in order to participate in the online class. Enroll and study whenever and wherever it is convenient for you.

​What exam credit will transfer to the new CEBS?

In order to earn your CEBS credential, you can complete courses in the former program, or you can choose to take courses in the new program.​ ​All students who have passed GBA 1, GBA 2, RPA 1, and/or RPA 2 will be given credit for these courses in the new curriculum. All other CEBS courses are no longer part of the redesigned CEBS model.

​​See how your completed courses apply to the new program.

Former Curriculum v New Curriculum

Keep in mind these important points as you make your next move:

  • If you have credit (pass grade) for GBA 1 and GBA 2, you can earn your GBA designation by completing the GBA/RPA 3 course in the new curriculum.  
  • If you have credit for RPA 1 and RPA 2, you can earn your RPA designation by completing the GBA/RPA 3 course in the new curriculum.
  • If you elect to finish your GBA, RPA or both under the former curriculum, you will still need to take GBA/RPA 3 if you want to complete your CEBS under the new CEBS model.
  • Testing on courses in the former program ended on March 15, 2018.
  • To retain credit (pass grade) for any of the GBA and RPA courses transferred into the new track, you will need to pass any course in the new track by December 15​, 2018. After that time, if you have not completed your CEBS designation or a course in the new track, credit for any courses completed in the former curriculum will expire and will no longer count toward completion of a course in the new CEBS program.

Former Curriculum Course Information

Eight-Course Curriculum Model

Six Required Courses 

  • ​​GBA 1—Principles of Group Benefits 
  • GBA 2—Applications of Group Benefits 
  • RPA 1—Retirement Income Programs 
  • RPA 3—Government-Sponsored Benefits 
  • CMS 1—Compensation Concepts and Principles    
  • CMS 3—Human Resource Management ​ 

Two Electives (Any two of the following CEBS courses)

  • ​​GBA 3—Health Care Economics and Issues
  • RPA 2—Asset Management 
  • CMS 2—Executive Compensation Management 



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